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George A. Paul's Stagecoach 2016 Review

Stagecoach pulled back into Empire Polo Field in Indio, Calif. for its 10th Anniversary on April 29-May 1 and did another great job at showcasing past and present country sounds. Among the top grossing music festivals in the world (cousin Coachella takes the top slot), it featured headliners Eric Church, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan performing to a sellout crowd of 75,000 daily.

Alex Watts Takes a Good Look at Himself and the Albums that Shaped His Music

After the release of his visually delicious video for Hopeful, we wondered just what makes Alex Watts tick and how he came to develop his unique groove. Here, Alex gives us an insight into 5 albums that shaped and influenced his music and his life, you may be a little surprised. Music is nothing without inspiration. These 5 records are elements of the blueprint...

Stagecoach Offers Wealth of Americana, Country and Rock Music in Indio, CA

If there was one thread that tied together many of performances that I caught at Stagecoach April 29 - May 1, 2016, it was the spirit of Merle Haggard. While a slew of the performances acknowledged Hag, who passed away April 6, 2016, there was ultimately an even deeper theme of honoring a range of musical heroes and acknowledging the large part that great music plays in the...

8 Demos That Ended Up in the Final Mix

Being King Shit ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes you just hit it lucky. Like Tom from Myspace, he had an idea that was really good for about five years, and then it wasn’t. Same goes for music. For all those times decisions were made which were bad then and are still bad now here are a few times interesting choices were made that turned out to be very good ones.

George A. Paul's Coachella Festival II 2016 Wrap Up

Before concertgoers from around the world descended upon the California desert near Palm Springs for Coachella II on April 22-24, they received shocking news: Prince had died. Back in 2008, the music superstar co-headlined the festival and set the internet abuzz with a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” during his late night set. Many Prince fans that attended Coachella II wore...

Pretty City Talk Us Through Their Debut LP Colorize

Colorize, the new record from Pretty City needs no introduction, but it may need some explanation. Luckily, Drew, the band’s drummer has taken the time to go deep into the making of every track. Colorize is an expansive journey into the mind of Pretty City and enters deep creative depths. To navigate our way through, we’ll need a little help. Melt is a big expansive psych rock jam. The lyrics always...

Robert Kinsler's Highlights from Coachella

Coachella 2016 provided a number of special and memorable performances at the Empire Polo Club in Indio as it staged its final weekend, April 22-24. Those arriving at Coachella early Friday were treated to one of the fest's most spirited performances. Congolese troupe Mbongwana Star brought their joyful and otherworldly African rhythm- and vocals-rooted sounds to the Gobi tent...

10 Records That Prove You Weren't Born in the Wrong Generation

Our generation has been blessed with the ability for any artist now to incorporate everything from the past, fuse it together and produce fresh music that could never have been imagined into existence before. As a generation we have it all; there are musical innovations not to mention the records that lyrically speak so distinctly on our socio-political climate.

Ten Foolproof Ways to Do Your Own Song Critiques

Early on in my songwriting career, I considered it a minor miracle that I could write a song in the first place. However, once I got a little more used to performing that particular magic trick, it became necessary to start to refine my process a bit further. In other words, it was no longer enough just to have created a song. Now I had to go back and tweak, edit, fix and otherwise polish my...

George A. Paul’s Best Bets for Stagecoach ‘16

The 10th annual Stagecoach – California’s Country Music Festival boasts another high octane lineup. All the headliners have served that duty in the past. Eric Church (whose “Mr. Misunderstood” was among the best country albums last year) battled heavy winds onstage in 2014; the same year Luke Bryan closed the proceedings. Carrie Underwood’s last appearance at Empire Polo Field...

Robert Kinsler's Stagecoach Preview

With two full weekends of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival having just ended, the Empire Polo Club in Indio is now set to host California's biggest country music event, Stagecoach. The annual festival runs April 29 - May 1, 2016. The three-day festival always draws a diverse lineup of legendary tastemakers and groundbreaking newcomers, and this year is no exception. There are...

Six Band Reunions That Need to Happen - Pt.1

With so many bands breaking up and making up, it is hard to keep up. Some split up way before their time and others maybe milking it a little too much, it had us thinking. Here are just some of the bands we think should just bloody reunite and stay that way. With Guns n’ Roses back together, we feel like anything can happen in the world of music reunions. Here are 6 we really wish would happen...

King Gizzard Compilation of Songs from Each Album Into the Ultimate EP

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are a group that require no introduction, so we’ll keep it short. Innovation, talent, versatility and full-blown-psychedelic-weirdness should sum up the most pivotal aspects of this fantastically whacky musical cohort. Long time curators of weird psych and whacked-out riffage, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard...

9 Reasons Tame Impala and Dem Covers Have You Sorted

Why shell out your hard earned coin on the things that groweth, when you can just listen to Tame Impala psychedelically cover a bunch of already left of the narrow garden path tracks? We love our originals songs. We love our covers. They each have a specific nook in the voluminous passages of our trilling heart. Yet, it is when covers start to take on a life of their own, as if somehow transcending...

Eight Music Moments That Made Movies Iconic

If manners maketh the man, then music definitely maketh the movie. A Music Supervisor is not often recognised outside of their own industry, but these are the people responsible for placing movie soundtracks. Believe it or not, that is an actual job. It’s actually my job – just on a smaller scale to these guys. So I am, effectively, a soundtrack geek, which is why we are bringing you...
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