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The Etiquette of Nashville

Hello again, it's Marc-Alan Barnette from Nashville. Now that we’ve experienced another year of Tin Pan South week (Nashville's Songwriter's Super Bowl), I wanted to share a few things on my mind that might help you in your songwriter journeys. There are some critical unwritten rules we all need to be reminded of as we pursue our careers here in Twang Town.

Honky Tonk Survival: The Revival of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge

It's been the same way for more than 40 years - a little rowdy on Saturday nights with the sound of Country Music blaring from the stage. Country fans still fill Tootsie's Orchid Lounge soaking up the magic that has made the place America's most famous honky tonk. It hasn't changed much since 1960 when Hattie Louise "Tootsie" Bess bought a bar called Mom's, renamed it after herself and

Demos - DIY

I just read a comment from one of Kim’s clients on her MySpace page. She indicated that Kim’s production work helped her to get a publishing contract. I want to comment on that – based on my work as a music publisher. Plus it’s something I get asked about at every workshop I do. What kind of demo do you need to pitch to a publisher?

I Can’t Get There From Here

I recently finished writing a song with Rachel Williams with the hook of “I can see where I want to go, but I can’t get there from here”. Although we wrote it from the “love” viewpoint (as all good songwriters do whenever possible, in order to reach the largest audience), its message is equally applicable to life in general.

Industry Changes May Help You

Starting your own record label is not as impossible as one might think. In fact these days, it may be the only way to really get your product out to the masses. It’s really nothing more than a name, and a team that you can put together. A team can consist of a party of "one", but if you can draft others to be a part

iWorld - How Musicians Can Use the iPod Phenomena

Whether you're on a college campus, stuck on a transatlantic flight, or watching TV, you've seen them. And whether you're Paris Hilton or someone much less wealthy (aren't we all), you've probably had one. Together with the iTunes music store, the iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music, and breathed new life into the once-flailing Apple Computers. It's also changing the way people listen to music.
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