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Neil Thrasher's Continuing Education

The first thing you notice about Neil Thrasher is his deadpan humor; he drops punch lines into his conversation, waiting for a beat or two to make sure they register. He uses that same timing when he's saying something he knows will make a different kind of impression. "I learn something every time I write, but I don't know if I'll ever really find my own voice," he said. "Most writers never do."

How To Make The Most Out Of A Music Conference

OK, so you've decided to take a positive step toward your goal as a songwriter or artist; you want to check out that music conference you keep getting brochures or email blasts about. It's time to take the plunge, whether you are a seasoned veteran and have attended them before, or a "newbie" hoping nobody at the conference notices! Here are some steps to take to make sure you get the

Ask Not What Songwriting Can Do For You…Ask What You Can Do For Songwriting!

Hello. This is Marc-Alan Barnette, writing from California where I have been on the road talking about you for a month. "What?" you say. "You don't even know me!" In a way that is right. But I speak about you nonetheless. You see, my job is to travel around the country to talk about the craft of songwriting and the steps that songwriters have to go through to gain some perspective on

Learning Curve

There’s a term that has crept into our vocabulary over the past twenty years or so: “learning curve.” The term refers to the ramping-up process that it takes to understand something well enough to use it. Most often, the term “learning curve” refers to technology, because so much of what we do on a daily basis involves technology, whether it’s computer hardware and software, cell phones,

First Things First For Lari White

Lari White is working her way down her career checklist. "I'm trying to check them all off, slowly but surely," says the 40-year-old jill-of-all-trades. Make records for a major label? Check — with a handful of top-40 country hits in the mid-'90s. Appear in a blockbuster movie? Check — that would be the Tom Hanks film Cast Away. Go to Broadway? Check — she now performs in Ring of Fire, the

Kris Kristofferson: A Friend To Freedom

Kris Kristofferson looks back at the road behind him - and ahead to the future. In November 2004 at the CMA Awards in Nashville, Kristofferson was formally inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. More than a year later, he still can't quite believe it. "It makes me feel kind of awestruck," said Kristofferson, enjoying a day off from his current tour in Park City, Utah. "I never envisioned

Kenny Rogers' Significant Success

Success doesn't interest Kenny Rogers. Significance is the veteran entertainer's goal. "Success is how much you take in. Significance is how much you give back," Rogers said. "I don't want to be a star again. . I want to be significant." Few careers reach the level of success that Rogers' has. The stats are staggering: 65 albums; worldwide sales in excess of 105 million; 22 No. 1 hits; accolades

Judging A CD By Its Cover

You spent days, weeks, or even months writing the perfect songs. You painstakingly deliberated over each and every word to make sure it was the right one in the right place. You chose the studio, the producer and the musicians carefully. You saved up your money to make sure you could afford the best and you spent it all on recording, mixing, and mastering the perfect songs. You’ve got

Join The Club

Every new songwriter is looking for the “secret handshake” that will take them behind the curtain to the inner sanctum of the music community. My usual response for this is to explain that it is a people business and takes time to build your network and to gain the respect and trust of those who hold the keys to your success. While I stand by this advice, it occurs to me that I have been

Ohio Songwriter Discovers That Fame, Fortune Aren’t Guaranteed On Road To Nashville

Midway through a recent Tuesday morning, Cliff Cody parked his black PT Cruiser convertible on a lot near downtown. He kindly listened to a beggar’s plight, handed over some change and walked into the offices of EMI Music, the world’s largest music-publishing company. Inside, Cody did what most office workers do: He filled a coffee mug and made small talk. His chitchat centered

Change Is Good

Well, 2006 has almost come to a close. This will be the last E-Tip till 2007, so let me take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Fett, Nancy, Kim and I have enjoyed writing the articles and especially hearing back from those of you that have taken the time to drop us a line. It’s always good to know when something is helpful or inspirational to you.

From New Zealand - Camille Te Nahu And Stuart French

In 2002 New Zealand vocalist, Camille Te Nahu and co-founder of the Golden Guitar winning band The Feral Swing Katz, Stuart French, teamed up to work on Camille’s self titled, solo record and saw the start of a special new collaboration that has culminated in the release of the duo’s first album together.

Setting Up Your Business On A Budget

If you’re serious about your music career and plan to compete in the commercial music industry, then you already know that you must treat your music career as a business. Things like business cards, letterhead, voicemail, and a website are so commonplace that they are practically expected these days. But many songwriters and musicians found it difficult to “look the part of a legitimate

Is This A Business Or A Game?

Karl, the owner of Show Off Records, has made a lot of money. He has worked long and hard to obtain and maintain his money, family, lifestyle and power. Now he believes in the American dream and feels that his "crew" is beyond a doubt the most talented group of producers and rappers in the game. He forms Show Off Records and is determined to make his label the greatest Rap label in history.

Burrito Deluxe - Fully Loaded

Musically speaking, when you hear the real thing, you know it. You just may be surprised where you might find it. Like finding country music in Paris, for instance. Pardon? Yes, Paris. The Paris. Burrito Deluxe – comprised of veteran performers – is the real thing. They kick off the European leg of their tour, which includes France, next month. Frontman Carlton Moody – also known as the
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