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5 Tips For Online Session Musicians, Vocalists and Audio Engineers

From Les Paul’s early experiments with Mary Ford, on down through iconic albums like Exile on Main Streetand modern classics like Beck’s Odelay, great recording projects often move through different spaces, places and hands. And as recording technology and online connectivity have become more accessible, the trend is only increasing. Doing online recording sessions is fast emerging as a vehicle for business-savvy musicians to earn extra income.
Barry Burns, John Cummings

Mogwai Performs at Exit/In in Nashville

Exit/In has been the house to some of the greatest acts to pass through Music City, including the recent performance by UK band Mogwai. The post-rock band performed a stellar sold out show. Fans were in awe of the serene, yet commanding atmosphere that Mogwai brought. With very few lyrics and instrumental-driven music, Mogwai left an incredible impression on the gathered fans. They performed songs from their recent album Rave Tapes and a medley from ...

Bethel Music - You Make Me Brave

Bethel Music follows the success and impact of their first all-studio release Tides with a unique and no-less-powerful project, You Make Me Brave. The CD and companion video chronicle the worship experience during a 3-day women’s conference held at The Civic in Redding, California in August. As the event was planned and executed, organizers realized it was transcending a typical church conference. Words were changing lives. Songs were moving hearts. Worship was erupting as ...
Tim Kingsbury, Regine Chassagne, Win Butler, Tim Kingsbury

Arcade Fire and Tune Yards Perform at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville

Bridgestone Arena was filled with fans that were dressed up as different characters, and they were waiting for Arcade Fire to perform. They opened with the songs "Reflektor" and "Flashbulb Eyes". The energy from Win Butler was very tenacious, and his wife Regine Chassagne matched as well, needless to say that Arcade Fire were very lively. Each song that they performed had different art...

How To Use Twitter, AirBnB, And Instagram’s Marketing Techniques To Promote Your Music

Three of the most startling successful startups around today are Twitter, AirBnB, and Instagram. Each of these companies started without massive marketing budgets but managed to get unprecedented numbers of users through smart marketing. What’s their secret? More importantly – how can you use it to market your music? In the following 3 case studies, I’ll show you how to replicate the techniques that Twitter...

Untapped Potential: Alternative Income Streams For Musicians

Making a living from art, it’s what every musician wants. A difficult task, that often takes a long time. Becoming successful in the music industry is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s often said that an artist needs about a thousand true fans in order to make ends meet. Thousand hard core fans; that will buy your merchandise, come to every show and be the first to pre-order all your upcoming releases. Once you’ve built that group, you are on your way to success. And you’ll be able to make rent.

7 Google Apps that All Musicians Need To Know About

Google, in my humble opinion, is the most amazing invention since anything else I can really think of. And Google is not just a big search engine, although it would still be awesome if that’s all it did. Google has been offering a suite of incredibly powerful tools for years; way before ‘in the clouds’ become the next big thing for companies like Apple and Microsoft. And to make it even better, Google has recently created a platform for musicians that offers even further tools that will...
Kyle Simmons, Dan Smith, Chris "Woody" Wood

Bastille and To Kill A King at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta

I remember the original British Invasion that took America by storm in the 1960's, when the likes of The Beatles and Rolling Stones were introduced to audiences on this side of the pond. Since the 60's, more and more British rock bands have found fan bases in the United States and discovered the fun of touring venues across this country. Last night at The Buckead Theatre in Atlanta was no exception when Bastille, along with opening act To Kill A King, performed to a sold-out crowd.

Stagecoach 2014 Roundup: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shelby Lynne, Don McLean and More

For the countless Stagecoach-goers who never got over to check out the Americana featured in the Palomino and Mustang tents early Friday afternoon, they missed out on some outstanding new music-makers. What's more, they were robbed of a chance to hear the genre's roots that these days seem a world removed from the heavier rock and pop feel of so many mainstream country acts. Hannah...
Adam Lazzara

Taking Back Sunday at The Tabernacle in Atlanta

With just a handful of dates left on their co-headlining Spring tour with The Used, Taking Back Sunday packed in fans at The Tabernacle in Atlanta last Thursday. After getting warmed up by the opening acts, the crowd was ready to rock with the New York quintet, fronted by vocalist Adam Lazzara. The band performed tracks from five of their six studio albums, including last month’s release, Happiness Is. A little over halfway through the set between songs, Lazzara thanked his family...

Rob Zombie with Disco Death Rock at The Tabernacle in Atlanta

So, walking into the venue, I was feeling a little trepidation about photographing the Rob Zombie show. Known for attracting wild fans who love to crowd surf, Zombie shows can become just a little wild. Well, not a little... a LOT wild. Last time I was at a show with crowd surfing, I took a foot to the back of the head. So it's not wonder I was a little hesitant. It all worked out, I didn't get hit, and it ended up being a fun show to attend. Rob Zombie is quite entertaining to see in concert. He leaps...

How To Plan An Album Release - On A Post It Note

Bands are notoriously unreliable, forgetful and flakey aren’t they? Well in a sense that’s probably a good thing: in an ideal world musicians should be creative mavericks, not organised project planners. But since the music world these days seems to revolve around doing absolutely everything yourself, a bit of organisation goes a long way, and in this post I thought I’d share a low-tech but very effective way to plan an album release - and one which, incidentally, involves a lot of post-it notes.

Elevate Your Vocal Performance: Focus On Rhythm and Intention

In a standout vocal performance, how you end a note is as important as how you attack it, and rhythm and intention can be as relevant as note choice and intonation. In 2011, I wrote an article for Keyboard magazine that used my song “Redhead Girl” to describe a technique that many bass players internalize early in their playing careers, but that many keyboardists and vocalists are never taught: exactly how and when you release a note is just as important as the way you attack...
Jeff Cook, Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry

Alabama with Will Hoge In Concert in Alpharetta, GA

Legendary country band Alabama, along with rising country artist Will Hoge, made a stop on their tour at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, GA. Opening the show, Nashville native Will Hoge garnered new fans in Georgia with his strong voice and musical talents. Hoge performed his Grammy-nominated hit, Even If It Breaks Your Heart, along with Strong and Still Got You on My Mind Hoge as well as other songs he's written ...

Vid O’ the Week – FKA Twigs

Tahliah Barnett was born in rural Gloucestershire. You know, one of those counties of Britain that truly feels like the middle of nowhere. When she was 17, she moved to the big bright lights of London to pursue her desires of becoming a professional dancer. Like thousands before her, her first meeting with various new forms of art and creation came with the exposure to a bustling, culturally diverse, cosmopolitan city.After a string of background appearances dancing...
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