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Why You Need To Start Collecting Fans Emails

When it comes to promoting and networking the first thing most DJs immediately jump to is social media, “get a Facebook page and create an event,” or “get a Soundcloud account and send out your mixes“. While social media has it’s place in promotion, DJs are missing out on a platform that has more users than Facebook and Twitter...

Moody Blues at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles

Deftly balancing nostalgia and a contemporary concert experience, the Moody Blues’ inspired performance at the Greek Theatre on May 5 was both a trip down Memory Lane and a chance to hear a fantastic group of seven players share their unique blend of psychedelic, folk and art rock in a perfect setting. With no opening band, the Moody Blues...

When, How & Why to Break the Rules of Songwriting

While there isn't an official songwriting rulebook, there are quite a few tried and true songwriting conventions that over time have essentially become rules. In almost all instances, these "rules" are there because they tend to make songs more commercial or catchy or both. That being said, breaking these rules can be a very effective tool assuming it's done...

How to Find and Play Unconventional Music Venues

When Harvard University professor, MacArthur grant winner, and world renowned jazz pianist Vijay Iyer scheduled the New York City release show for his 2015 trio album Break Stuff, he didn’t choose a standard venue like the Blue Note, Village Vanguard, or even Carnegie Hall. Rather, Iyer’s concert was staged within the Metropolitan Museum of Art, his...

Give Fans the Opportunity to Support You

One of the biggest complaints in the music industry is that people just aren’t spending money on music anymore. There’re all kinds of reports about how fans aren’t buying albums, that Spotify and Pandora are paying musicians cents, and that piracy is still damaging the industry. We can be quick to blame other people when our...

Seven Music Videos That Don’t Star the Band and KILL IT

A lot of great music videos that seem to exist in the ether of the internet feature the artists themselves at some point in the clip – take for example Courtney Barnett’slatest clip for Pedestrian At Best (warning: do not watch if you are afraid of clowns),Client Liason’s ridiculously high-def scenic (and seemingly high budget) video for Feed The Rhythm or...
Legendary rockers The Doobie Brothers perform at the Verizon Wireless Encore Amphitheatre on Saturday, May 2, 2015, in Alpharetta, Ga

The Doobie Brothers, Don Felder and Pat Simmons Jr. in Concert - Alpharetta, Ga

It is a clear sign of continued success when, year after year, The Doobie Brothers pack venues with fans while performing a nearly identical show on tour to the one a year earlier. That's exactly what happened Saturday night at the Verizon Wireless Encore Amphitheater in Alpharetta, Ga., when the legendary rockers, along with The Eagles founding ...

Jeff Beck in Concert - Greensburg, PA

The Yardbirds spawned three of Rolling Stone’s top five guitarists of all time with seven Hall of Fame inductions among them. Oddly enough, Jeff Beck may be the X factor of the rock god trio that includes Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin and Clapton don’t have to exactly clamor for recognition in music history among the tens of millions in the...

Improving Your Speaking Skills Between Songs

Lots of musicians are comfy-cozy when it comes to playing through their songs on stage, but they freeze up when they have to tell a story, thank the crowd, draw attention to merch, or ask for email signups. I’ve been one of those artists myself. In fact, I felt like I had a few “uhhh, what should I say now?” moments at my gig this past...

5 Musical Innovations Proving That Great Musicians Are Entrepreneurs

Musicians and the people who build successful companies might seem, on the surface, miles apart—in the field of innovation, however, great musicians are essentially entrepreneurs. Innovation is a defining quality among successful entrepreneurs, being the spark that precedes blockbuster approaches and inventions. Many musicians don’t think...

5 Effective Tips for Getting Your Mix Started Right

Every mix that ends up great has to begin somewhere. By focusing too much on the end product, it’s easy to forget some of the the simple steps that help us get our mix sessions started as effectively as possible. Here are some ways to get yourself in a good frame of mind, and set yourself up to succeed, before diving in to make all those critical mix decisions.

Stagecoach 2015 Wrapup

Since the first Stagecoach was staged in Indio in 2007, the country music event has grown in popularity attracting fans from around the globe who come to soak in the sun, fun, and plenty of country, Americana and rock 'n' roll music featured on a number of stages positioned around the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA.

7 Creative Ways Indie Artists Can Spend Their Money

From hiring a songwriting consultant to getting a sound man for your live performances, what follows are seven ways to spend your money to enhance your music career. Most indie artists don’t have a lot of money in the bank, but if you’re going to spend your valuable savings or that money...

How Monetization Works on YouTube

A closer look at the process for determining WHEN, HOW, and WHAT advertisements are displayed on any YouTube videos that feature your music. One of the questions we get asked most frequently by artists who are enrolled in our YouTube Monetization program is “how much money will I earn per view?”

Four Things Songwriters Need - But Might Not Want - to Hear

When I think about the mental state of my younger songwriting self, I see a mixture of bravery, idealism and a healthy dose of misinformation. While I wouldn't trade any of my experiences, it might have been nice to receive a friendly warning or two along the way about the realities of my chosen profession. In that spirit, consider the below not as an attempt to discourage...
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