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Four Reasons You're Not Getting Your Songs Cut

Patience. One of the hardest things to come up with when you’re passionate about your music and truly believe that your songs are good enough to be cut by famous singers and played on the radio. But it’s patience - and a world class work ethic - that you’re going to need most as you move forward in your career. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Talent...

“Go Balls Deep” and 5 Other Ways to Make a Fun Music Video According to Thunderlips

Is it any surprise that YouTube has become the leading source for music streaming? For all the fuss Spotify, TIDAL and the like get, it’s everyone’s favourite video host that sees music fans from across the globe scouring it’s archives for the best music, both new and old. In a lot of ways a good music video that can capture the eye can be more important...

Two Sides of The Zombies Shine at Saban Theatre

Formed in early 1961, the Zombies remain one of the best and clearly most enduring artists of the British Invasion. So it comes as no surprise that the band is still conquering American audiences in 2015. Led by singer Colin Blunstone and keyboardist Rod Argent (who both turned 70 this past June), the Zombies performed for more than two hours at the...

The Soul Voice is Dominating the Charts and More Than Likely Here to Stay

The modern music landscape is a nomadic, ephemeral being; it never stands still and the only enduring quality is change. This dynamism of the craft can be heavily attributed to the impact of the glorious internet age in which we exist (literally), with an oversaturation of avenues to access and discover new sounds. However, the cycle of change is not...

Seven Things Songwriters Can Do With Their Finished Song Demos

Writing a great song, while a success in and of itself, is only the beginning when it comes to getting your music out in the world. A subsequent, and essential, step is making a professionally performed and recorded demo of your song. However, where a lot of songwriters find themselves at a loss is knowing what to do with their finished demos. Here are...

Blur with Courtney Barnett In Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Few English rock legends have been as criminally ignored in the U.S. as Blur. Singer/guitarist/keyboardist Damon Albarn, lead guitarist/singer Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree founded Blur in London in the late 1980s, and then exploded in the the early 1990s releasing a number of outstanding albums including...

Florence + The Machine Dazzle Capacity Crowd at The Hollywood Bowl

The legendary Hollywood Bowl has featured countless memorable concerts since its opening in the 1920s, including the far-flung and masterful likes of Judy Garland, Nat "King" Cole, The Doors, Luciano Pavarotti, Radiohead and The Beatles (in 1964 and 1965). At the second of two consecutive sold-out performances, singer-songwriter...

Mark Knopfler in Concert

Mark Knopfler is best known as the former head and wristband clad front man of the iconic 80s arena rockers, Dire Straits. After the breakup of the group in the early Nineties, the Scottish ax ace embarked on an impressive solo career in 1996 with “Golden Heart.” His eight album solo discography employs styles from Celtic folk to country.

8 Awesome Animated Music Videos to Inspire or Terrify Your Inner Child

Whether your eating you’re eating your cereal in front of the TV before school or too hungover to get off the couch on Sunday morning, cartoons play an integral role in getting us ready for the world outside. The irony of that is not lost on us. Fantastical adventures of space and furry critters seems like the most removed you can be from the real world. However...

Seven Reasons You Should Be Co-Writing Right Now

For those of you who have never co-written a song, the concept of sharing your creative process may seem, at best, foreign and, at worst, inconceivable. As an inveterate solo songwriter before moving to Nashville, I completely understand. However, co-writing has the potential for so much upside that in most instances it's well worth the large step outside your...

The Shameful Nature of Sexism in the Music Industry

Once upon a time Mick Jagger told rock journalist Lisa Robinson, “There really is no reason to have women on tour, unless they’ve got a job to do. The only other reason is to fuck. Otherwise they get bored; they just sit around and moan. It would be different if they did everything for you like answer the phone, make breakfast, look after the clothes and...

Why Sir Paul, Ringo And 200 Others Are Raising Their Hands

The issue is personal for Kevin Black, brother of country music star Clint Black. His daughter, Cortney, died when she was 16 of complications from Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects girls almost exclusively. It is characterized by normal early growth and development that, beginning...

Five Simpsons Characters to Inspire Your Next Band

Since Rip It Up, an Adelaide-based (!) music street press mag-cum-website, broke the story of the Ned Flanders-themed hardcore band Okilly Dokilly, it’s almost as if a creative packet of ruffled chips have been inadvertently opened in the space shuttle of ideas and put the ant farm of boredom and stagnation at risk.

A Babe On a Boat, a Man and His Cyborg and More in 5 Killer Clips to Check Out

You’re sitting on the train and looking for something to do. Lord knows you won’t speak to the stranger next to you. No, that’d be weird. Instead you whip out your handy mobile telecommunication device and load up YouTube, chances are these awesome music videos have kept you entertained. If not, well luckily for you we have them here in handy listicle form.

Sell Your Story, Sell Your Music

In your artist bio, and in all of your promotions, telling your story is a way to relate to your audience and hopefully help you connect on a more personal level. “Check out my new single at band name)/(generic song title)!” If you’re a part of the music industry, you’re either guilty of...
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