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Five Pre-Songwriting Demo Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

The professional songwriting demo process is a necessary part of the equation for songwriters aspiring to get their material heard by music industry decision-makers and, hopefully, cut by successful recording artists. Despite the fact that hundreds of demos are recorded every week in places like Nashville, New York and Los Angeles, new ...
Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant in Atlanta

Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant Christmas Tour in Atlanta

With the word "Christ" in Christmas, it's nice to know there are artists who don't kow-tow to political correctness and call their Christmas tour a "holiday" show. Then again, when those artists are two of the biggest Christian performers in the world, it's no wonder they are celebrating Christmas with their stop in Atlanta on Michael W. Smith's 2014...

Hidden Hit-Makers: History’s Most Iconic Session Musicians

A handful of documentaries released since the turn of the new century, from 2002’s Standing In the Shadows of Motown to 2013’s Muscle Shoals, have helped us put names and faces to the backing musicians that brought some of our favorite recordings to life. It can be surprising to learn just how many classic recordings were churned...

How To Get Your Music On YouTube Music Key

Move over Spotify and Rdio. YouTube Music Key is finally here. After much anticipation, YouTube has just announced the launch of its subscription streaming service: YouTube Music Key. YouTube Music Key, available in the US and 6 European countries, will let subscribers listen to ad-free music (including full albums in high quality audio) AND watch music...

Vid O’ The Week: GOVS – There Comes A Time ft. San Mei

A tribute to those existential star gazing nights as you floated in the pool, surrounded by the music and people you can’t live without. A tribute to the firework spectacles where you relied on those glorious explosions to launch your aspirations into the promising unknown. A tribute to the times you were high on the drug of life and you felt you could be your...

The Business of Songwriting: Co-Writes and Split Sheets

As a songwriter, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the creativity and excitement of writing and forget about the business side of things. A lot of times, the very subject of business, royalty splits and copyright can change the atmosphere of the room and dry up whatever creative juices were flowing. However, it’s important to remember that it’s your copyrights that...
Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Concert - Duluth, GA

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at The Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA

Christmas came early to Georgia when the Trans-Siberian Orchestra brought their Live Debut of The Christmas Attic tour to The Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth. The stunning show, replete with flashing lasers, bright videotrons, blazing pyrotechnics and billowing smoke machines dazzled the sold-out crowd as every member of the touring group...

Getting Out of Your Songwriting Comfort Zone

One of the many challenges we songwriters face is that we’re tasked not only with creating something from nothing but also our “somethings” need to be unique not only compared to what others have written but also compared to what we’ve written before. This is no small thing and the moment you think you’ve "figured it out" as a...

15 Ways to Make More Money From Your Music This Christmas

The Holiday Season is (practically) here, which means that a musical bonanza is about to begin. 20% of industry-wide music sales take place in the last six weeks of the year — and 30% of all sales on CD Baby happen during that same period. It’s a frenzy! And people are searching for all kinds of music during the holidays, so you don’t...

How to Split the Music Publishing Pie

Collaborating with a producer or co-writer? How do you come up with a fair percentage split of the music publishing? Figuring it out up front is a good first step. Working with partners when songwriting is inherently collaborative and is often how great songs get written. Plus – for musicians, songwriters, and producers – the music creation...

1970s Hit Makers America Nail It In Concert Celebrating Understated Legacy

While it seems unlikely that America will win a place in the Rock and Roll of Fame anytime soon, there is something to be said for a band that has scored a number of enduring hits, won a best new artist Grammy Award, worked with producer George Martin and has influenced several generation of other musicians.

Vid O’The Week: Marksman Lloyd – You Won’t Be The One ft. Whisky Winter

We have some great rising hip hop artists coming out of Australia and the one in this piece is undeniably in that mix. Whether you’ve always listened to this genre or you are a new convert, this music has the power to create assurance, understanding and inspiration – speaking the truth that we are too scared to confess...

What Is A Publishing Deal and Do I Really Need One?

The term "publishing", most simply, means the business of song copyrights. A songwriter owns 100% of his song copyright and all the related publishing rights until the writer signs those rights away. Under the law, copyright (literally, the right to make and sell copies) automatically vests in the author or creator the moment the expression of an idea is...

Six Tips for Improving Songwriting Motivation

As passionate as we are about our songwriting, the reality is that sometimes it’s difficult to motivate ourselves to write. Whether it’s the fear of plumbing our emotional depths or just good old fatigue after a long day, there are often obstacles to overcome when it’s time to write. While flashes of inspiration are great, we can’t always...

The Musician’s Social Media Checklist

Don’t get off on the wrong foot with your social media marketing. Do your research, make a plan, and connect with your target audience from the start.Social-media-checklist. Marketing your band and your music on the digital landscape, it’s easy to get lost focusing your time and efforts on the wrong sites and connecting with the wrong...
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