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The 10 Artist-Music Commandments

Finding the right answers often comes from asking the right questions. As an artist you must always be aware of yourself and your brand as a whole. The more you know about yourself, the easier it will be to promote and build your brand and gain the exposure needed to have a successful career in music. Artists often overlook these questions and continue to shoot aimlessly in their careers, which leads to failed marketing campaigns, bad reputations and a whole lot of running in place...

Indie Artist Spotlight: November Artist Reviews Online At

This month, Indie-Music is proud to feature an eclectic group of artist reviews that cover a wide range of musical ground. November’s new crop of reviews feature the experimental and exciting return of Son Lux, the throwback grunge-infused rock of Red House Glory, the smooth jazz collective SKETCHES, orchestral folk pop courtesy of Harker, and the fresh but familiar French jazz pop of Clara Bellino. November’s artist reviews feature Son Lux’s ...

The Future of Music Is Standardized Metadata

I’ve participated, either in person or online, in several music industry events in the past two years. The speakers and panelists have opined on the sorry state of the industry and the plight of independent muscians, and have pointed a forest of fingers: It’s the labels’ fault. Technology (Napster) killed the music industry. Music piracy is the problem. Now that everyone can buy ProTools and become a musician, there’s just too much free [not always good] music. It’s just too hard to...

The Business Startup Guide For Indie Bands and Musicians

Independent bands and musicians could learn a lot from emerging business startups. From a marketing standpoint, they really aren’t all that different, in that both are challenged to do more with less and still exceed expectations in order to stand out among the competition. Just like startups, many bands will fizzle out within their first year. That’s why it’s important for bands and musicians to have a solid strategy to successfully market their product. Because let’s be real, we’re not just...

6 Ways to Get More People to Your Shows

Do you sometimes feel that your band’s draw is languishing? Are you tired of seeing the same people at your shows and want to play to a new crowd, even in your hometown? If you’re like most musicians, you know that you absolutely can do better, that you have more fans out there than who actually show up at at the venue, and despite always receiving positive feedback, you don’t know why more people aren’t showing up. Here are some tips on building some momentum back into...

4 Reasons It Pays For Songwriters To Be Patient

Looking back on twenty-plus years of writing songs, it’s a lot easier for me to connect the dots now and see that the things I was doing years ago would eventually bear fruit. I can safely say that nothing ever moved as quickly as I thought it would and, yet, I’m constantly surprised at the ways that my long-forgotten efforts have come around to generate royalty income. All that to say, it would have saved me a lot of frustration knowing that getting up every day and working on my craft...

Reach New Fans By Recording a Holiday Single

People seem to have an insatiable appetite for holiday music. The radio stations start broadcasting it earlier each year. (I heard a Christmas carol the DAY after Halloween!) And Big Box stores and record stores alike have already stocked their shelves with the latest seasonal releases. And while it’s too late to get a brand new CD widely distributed to physical stores in time for the holiday rush, you’ve still got time to record and release a digital single online. By doing your own...

Should I Book A Tour In The Winter?

Should independent artists actively book winter shows? This is my first full year as a full-time musician and I’m noticing a lot of music friends aren’t filling their calendar as actively…be it wanting to spend time with family, avoid the snow, focus on songwriting, or just rest up. What do you guys think is best during the winter? This is an especially good one. I personally am counting down the days till the end of November because once Thanksgiving hits, I’ll be staying put until early January...

Concert Review: Christmas Time's A-Coming With The Oak Ridge Boys

Christmas is such a special time of year, and made even more so by the legendary Oak Ridge Boys who kicked off their 2013 Christmas Time's A-Coming Tour at the Crystal Grand Theatre in Wisconsin Dells, WI. In their 24th season taking the Christmas Tour on the road, the Mighty Oaks performed their timeless hits as well as favorite Christmas songs for the sold-out audience.

Get In The Circle!

I walked into my first writers night on my very first trip to Nashville fifteen years ago. There were four people on stage in a line, and everyone was playing and singing together. I don't know whether they already knew each others' material or not, but I loved the energy and the way everyone's participation lifted the song. But over the ensuing years I've been struck by how rarely I've see that happen again. In fairness, the last thing any of us want is for someone to try to play along who can't “hang”...
Jimi Hendrix performing at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England (February 18, 1969). Photo Credit: Graham F. Page / EMP Museum / Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' Offers Revealing Look at the Legendary Guitarist

No guitarist in the history of rock has been as influential and groundbreaking as the late Jimi Hendrix. From his contemporaries (The Beatles, Ten Years After) to his musical descendants (Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark Jr.), Hendrix' reach continues to touch new audiences. Now, more than four decades after his death at the age of 27, the pioneering musician's short but prolific life is celebrated via...

Worship Leader and Pastor William McDowell Approaches Life by "Withholding Nothing"

If you scan the Christian music horizon, you’ll find a wealth of artistry created in praise of God and represented by music styles as diverse as the Church itself. But there are some sounds that defy categorization, some songs that go beyond what our vocabulary can express. And it is the desire to welcome and nurture these heaven-inspired sounds and songs that drives worship leader and songwriter...

YouTube’s Music Video Subscription Is Real: 5 Things To Expect

It might seem crazy for YouTube to launch a music subscription somewhat along the lines of MOG, Rdio, Rhapsody, and Spotify, because you can already play just about any song in the world on YouTube, for free, in seconds — even music from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and other artists who refuse to put their music on music subscriptions. But that’s precisely what Google plans to do before...

Concert Review: Toni Staples In Nashville

There’s this little extra something about Nashville’s most memorable female country artists that distinguishes them from everyone in music. There’s a certain something in their voice that’s powerfully genuine, sometimes as sweet as southern tea. They’re precise and confident. They smile at people like they mean it, and usually I’ve noticed, they’re small petite women. Even in a field hugely dominated by men you remember them all by their first names — Patsy, Dottie, Tammy, Wanda...

How Important Is Your Live Show To Your Career?

Tom Jackson believes that the most successful artists are those who are amazing live performers. A few weeks ago, Stevie and I attended a two day bootcamp with live music producer Jackson and his team to see how we could improve our own performance. I was not disappointed. photo (41)In his many years of experience working with everyone from big name artists like Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, or Jars of Clay to up-and-coming indie artists like the Canadian country duo The...
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