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Brad Paisley

Time Well Wasted with Brad Paisley

It seems these days that country songs have blended into a mix of lyrics involving beer, trucks and girls. Though some of Brad Paisley’s songs fall into this category, his unique voice and ability to shred a guitar like no other country star sets him apart and keeps the fans wanting more. The 41 year old country star attracts all age groups and types of people to his shows. With a nine year old boy on one...

5 Bloodsucking Vampire Rock Songs

Bloodsuckers are running a close second to zombies as the cool ghouls de jour, with True Blood about to kick into its final TV season and The Strain already sucking in viewers. There’s also the Twilight phenom. But when it comes to comparing the lifespan of the undead, vampires have a much richer and longer history, with literature and lore dating back to Assyria and ancient Greece, plus — more important! — a slew of great rock songs.

Toby Keith in Concert in Pittsburgh

Everything about Toby Keith is big, from his stature to the nickname Big Dog Daddy. Of course, his shows must follow suit. A sold out First Niagara Pavilion waited patiently on a perfect Saturday evening as the lawn filled under the full moon. After a five minute sketch comedy commercial featuring Carrot Top for tour sponsor Ford, the 6’3” Oklahoman opened amidst pyro and smoke clad in his signature button down and straw cowboy hat with...

It Takes Two Baby

The White Stripes paved the way for the duo as a fully-fledged rock band. They were by no means first, White himself has said that he was inspired by the psychobilly two-piece the Flat Duo Jets. But The White Stripes certainly made it clear that this type of stripped down band sound can achieve mainstream success. The Black Keys is the band that first come to mind as the Stripes’ successors, but who are some of the other rock duos out there? Here’s...

Johnny Winter Remembered

Guitar legend Johnny Winter was found dead at age 70 in his Zurich, Switzerland hotel room on Wednesday. Several weeks ago he gave one of his last major interviews to Gibson correspondent Ted Drozdowski. "Johnny was in great spirits when we spoke," Ted says. "He was laughing, said he felt better than he had in decades and was looking forward to the future. We even discussed his bucket list — obviously with no idea he'd have so little time to...

Confessions of a Music Supervisor Pt. 1

Hi. I’m a music supervisor. My confession? I’m an “anti-music” music supervisor. I don’t want the best song for my film and I don’t even want to think about your song. Got your attention? Let me explain. My Background. I actually do love music. I have played music since age four and was on a college music scholarship as a business and theater major. I’ve been a music executive, songwriter and producer in the music industry for many years. Even some of my...

Southern Pride: Guitar Collector Ronny Proler on the Southern Rock Tribute 1959 Les Paul

Since getting his first Les Paul four decades ago, the Houston, Texas native has amassed a collection that would be the envy of any enthusiast. Along the way, the 60-year-old musician/collector has cultivated friendships with some of the most acclaimed musicians of our times. Billy Gibbons, Charlie Daniels, Joe Bonamassa and Warren Haynes are just a few of the guitar greats that Proler counts among his friends.

The Evolution of Rock Music

In the earlier part of 1950s the world witnessed the birth of a popular music genre known as Rock Music. It is very difficult to pin point a particular song as the birth of rock, however, the most attention and credit goes to Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston and Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the comets. The new form of music with electric bass guitar and drums and cymbals was becoming increasingly popular and famous. Elvis Presley, in 1954, recorded...

Lights, Camera, Rock!

Everyone can reel off the names of singers and musicians who transitioned into acting—think of Sinatra, Elvis and Bowie, for starters. But what about artists who took the reverse course—first launching careers in film, and then going on to showcase their talents as musicians? Below are five actors who have made their mark in the music world. Be sure to chime in with your own picks in the comments section.

Are You Ready For The "Meat" of Songwriting?

Often, we songwriters, musicians and singers bask in the sunshine that is the praise of our parents, spouses or friends. Admit it; they think most everything we do is great. But, then we bring ourselves to a music market town such as Nashville, Tennessee, where some of the most talented people in the world have congregated to write and produce music. Are you ready for the meat? Sometimes those who have already traveled the hard...

Don’t Force People to Steal Your Music

Rich Juzwiak wants to buy a song by Elle Varner — but can’t. Right now the single is only available on SoundCloud until some future date when, presumably, the full album will be released on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Rich is pissed. He thinks Elle is behaving according to an antiquated “anticipation business model.” He believes. This new song exists only on Soundcloud. It is not available on iTunes. Why? Why can’t I have this song now? I want it... Actually, Rich says it best, so here it is:

16-Point Band Website Assessment Checklist

When reviewing websites for musicians, we generally break down the reviews into 3 categories: Design, Organization & Navigation. Content - For each category, there are certain key things that we look out for. We’ve decided to share our checklist so bands can assess their own websites! So here’s our 16-point band website assessment checklist to measure how your website is doing (download the checklist here...

Vid O’ The Week – Gang of Youths

Thank goodness Gang of Youths moved to the United States. If they decided to shoot the video for their latest single Poison Drum here in their home town of Sydney, we’d have yet another video of a bunch of dorks walking down King Street in Newtown - absolutely the last thing we need. Instead, GOY have taken to the streets of the far more interesting Los Angeles, trading in the townhouse rowed alleys for wide open strip malls and the Coopers Pale...

Nine Critical Things You Should Know About Publicity Before You Make Your First Move

You have your music, your vision, and you are eager to make that first move in the world of PR. But before I jump into what you’re here for, the nine critical things you should now about PR, we need to be sure that your ready to begin such a relationship with the media. It’s not a matter of feeling ready, it’s a matter of being ready. Before you even begin thinking about PR, you need to have what I refer to as your social media...

6 Tips For Making the Most of Your Music Festival Gig

Summertime Music Festivals make for some of the best gigs you can get as an Independent Artists. Parks are filled with people, there’s very little pressure to draw your own fans, and you get maximum exposure to potential new fans. Festival gigs can also be frustrating when the sound system is fickle or the weather is fickle among other things. But here are 6 tips for making the most of your next Music or Art Festival. Just like any other gig, advance the show, figure out ...
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