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23 Little Things That Will Help You Nail Your Next Gig

Landing a great gig is hard work, so follow these tips to make your big show a big success. We’ve put together 23 little things you can do a week before, a day before, the day of, at the show, and the next day that are sure to help you make a good impression on the crowd and help you book your next amazing gig!

Case Study: How The Rock Band Night Riots Broke Out

What factors cause a band with regional popularity to suddenly break onto the national scene? Night Riots is a California-based rock band that has gotten a lot of buzz recently, and this article is all about how and why from a marketing perspective. Disclaimer: I don’t have any personal or professional connection to Night...

11 Free Marketing Tools Every Musician Needs

I’m gonna cut to the chase on this one… Here are 11 free online tools for creating branding assets and managing your marketing efforts that every musician should know about! “Marketing” is no longer a scary word used only by advertising executives. Indie musicians need good branding to rise above the masses of people able to easily post music. These are ...

Open the Music Industry’s Black Box

THIS should be the greatest time for music in history — more of it is being found, made, distributed and listened to than ever before. That people are willing to pay for digital streaming is good news. In Sweden, where it was founded, Spotify saved a record industry that piracy had gutted. Everyone should be celebrating — but many...

Introducing Erica Nicole

Many singers today enjoy successful careers because of consultants who help them create an image and engineers who fix their voices in recording studios. A select few, though, really have the goods, and refuse to accept anything less than excellence and authenticity from themselves. One of these special singers is rising Country star Erica Nicole.

Four Ways Simplifying Your Lyrics Can Make Your Songs Better

In my early years of running my recording studio in Nashville, I had the privilege of demoing songs for a a few hit songwriters. This provided me with the opportunity to observe, up close, not only the work habits of super successful songwriters but also an in-depth look at what made up their songs. I’ll never forget the first time I glanced over...

Mental Illness and Its Place in the Music Industry

As morbid as it might be, there’s no question that when it comes to celebrity figures’ Dionysian lifestyles, public meltdowns and untimely deaths intrigue us. Whether you are a music lover or aspiring musician, the romanticised myths of the music world are things which captivate our imagination and get us through the dreariness of our day...

Choosing the Single Release Strategy That’s Right for Your Song

There’s a lot more to releasing a single than just throwing it up on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. And I’m not talking about distribution — though, ya know, (plug) you should totally get your latest single onto Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more. Global music distribution is important, but what I’m talking about...

10 Things You Can Do to Reach Your Music Career Goals

While these 10 tips are hardly a foolproof master plan, they’re a good reminder of things you can do to take the next step and reach your music career goals. Musicians have no problem creating master plans to rule the world, but they often fall short of seeing their music career goals through effectively. What an unfortunate waste! As Ralph S. Larsen, CEO of Johnson & Johnson...
Daryl Hall and John Oates perform at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre on Sunday.
///ADDITIONAL INFO:  hallandoates_review.0831 - 08/30/15- KELLY A. SWIFT, CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER -

Hall & Oates In Concert - Orange Co. California

The resurgence and reemergence of Daryl Hall and John Oates over the past few years has been extraordinary. Among the first few times I caught the pair live in the mid-90s included one that was a free show (with the price of admission to The Orange County Fair) at Arlington Theater, while another performance played out inside an intimate ...

Daryle Singletary - There's Still A Little Country Left

It’s been more than two decades since I first saw Daryle Singletary, singing for tips at The Broken Spoke Saloon in Nashville. In fact, I became aware of this aspiring country star by way of other country stars. We had just gotten back to the Longhorn restaurant from Doug Supernaw's GOLD record party. Toby Keith and Mark...
Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Concert - Duluth, GA

The Definitive Guide To Coordinating A Show

Creating opportunities to play is not only a smart thing to do in today’s music landscape for any independent artist – it’s a requirement. Your own success and the success of others rely on having good quality opportunities to play and they won’t always come to you. You might just have to create them.

Tips for Touring Europe as a Musician

One of the biggest questions I get asked from fellow artists is about playing Europe. I have been traveling in mainly Western Europe and doing music tours there once or twice a year since 2007 (12 tours altogether, anywhere from 2-6 weeks long). It is such a big topic (and I’m still learning), and it is one that’s going to be a bit...
sights-and-sounds-august2015 Presents Sights and Sounds of Note August 2015

The dog days of summer are here and we all know that they can be steamy and oppressive but in this installment of S.S.O.N. they are just hot and progressive! That's because many legends of prog rock found their way to our offices recently - here's what we've been listening to lately. The original ASIA reformed in 2006 and they celebrated...

Get Your Music Heard By Record Labels

Let’s start with a not-so-bold statement: as a musician, you’ve either sent a demo to a record label, or at least planned to do so at some point in the future. In fact, “How do I send a demo to a record label?” is one of the most common questions we get asked at WeSpin, our music growth training platform and community. So I ...
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