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Three Situations When Songwriters Should Consult An Attorney

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to gently convince songwriters and artists that it is a good idea to have contracts reviewed by an attorney. The reason is that even the simplest agreement can have long range implications. 1. Single Song Agreements. Most songwriters are familiar with single song agreements and most understand...

Five Not-So-Obvious Ways For You To Make Money From Your Music

There’s an article in the most recent issue of Performer Magazine called “5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians,” written by Michael St. James. I thought it was informative and gives some good tips, such as making sure you get vocal-only mixes of your songs (which can be used in remixes).

Build Your Brand Identity With The Right Band Name

Your band name has a lot to say about your act and your brand, so getting it right from the start is one key to success. In marketing, branding refers to presenting clear, unique, relevant, believable, and consistent messages about who you are while leaving a lasting positive image in their minds. Everything you do affects the way fans...

Writing DOA Songs

What the heck are “DOA songs?” Note: this article is not about writing songs for D.O.A., the hardcore punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, nor is it about D.O.A. Fishing lures, a Stuart, Florida based manufacturer of soft plastic lures flavored with farm-raised bait fish. This post is about writing a “DOA” (dead on arrival) song.

Six Things Songwriters Can Do When Their Songs Are Finished

Knowing when a song is finished is an entire article in and of itself so I’m going to predicate these comments on the understanding that your song is, indeed, done. While having a finished song is its own victory, there’s more work to do if you’re hoping to keep your records straight, stay organized and possibly generate income with your song. By treating your songwriting...

Five Ways To Actively Grow Your Fanbase

Today, there are countless ways to get your music out there. Simply putting your music up on YouTube, Facebook, or an internet radio will help fuel organic discovery. However, as you probably already know, this process can be slow and tedious. You may only reach a few new people and these impressions are often one-off with no opportunity to reconnect. For the...

What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Hearing

The most valuable tool a DJ has at their disposal is their ears. Unfortunately it’s also the tool that gets abused the most. This is no surprise given the environments DJ’s frequently find themselves in: nightclubs, music festivals, and DJ booths with loud monitors. Prolonged exposure in these loud settings is very hard on the ears and if a DJ isn’t careful, they risk...
soundpress-net-february2015 Presents Sights and Sounds of Note for February 2015

February is the shortest month of the calendar year but there is no shortage of new music products to explore. recently checked out an eclectic stack of new CDs from Dylan Howe, The Mangoes, Richie Kotzen, Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King. We also received the 10th Anniversary CD re-issue of Back Against The Wall a compilation of various artists...

Vid O’The Week: Grace – Pluto

Grace‘s music video for her debut single, Pluto, has crammed a lot of things associated with the unnerving supernatural themes seen in blockbuster movies, and transformed it into an otherworldly, artistic piece – think Dementors, the Silver Surfer, the T-1001 liquid metal terminator, and the sci-fi movie Lucy. The video has this overwhelming sense...

Songwriting Tip: Why Play Other Songwriters' Songs?

Many songwriters start out in cover bands and play other people’s songs for years before they start writing. This offers a large palette of chords and melodies to choose from. The brain is a very good computer but like a computer, what comes out is dependent upon what goes in. If you learn a few chords and start writing songs, never having played others’ songs...

Five Networking Mistakes Songwriters Make

One of the great mysteries in the music business is how to meet the decision makers who can help bring success to you and your songs. However, the second greatest mystery is why - once in contact with one of these elusive industry people - so many songwriters throw common sense out the window and behave in ways that can only hurt their cause and, ultimately, their...

Improve Your Music Marketing Campaigns

There is a focused way and an unfocused way to execute music marketing campaigns. These 10 tips will help keep you focused and improve your music marketing. Direct marketing is the process of bypassing intermediaries to communicate directly with fans, build awareness, and generate sales. Emailing tour dates, texting announcements about contests, and posting website...

Merchandising From A To $

Whether your band is Maroon 5 or you’re just five guys marooned in a cargo van in Gary, Indiana every Friday night, you stay in business by generating revenue. Besides performance fees, there is no more consistent method to generate revenue than the sale of band merchandise. It not only augments your performance income but it also represents phenomenal promotional value when...

2015 Social Media Checklist for Musicians

I began teaching a social media certificate class this month to 31 adults in downtown Seattle at the University of Washington’s Continuing Education Program. I’m really enjoying it – the students are enthusiastic and operating all at different levels of social media expertise and experience. Creating material for a three hour class on a weekly basis is no walk in...

Tales of the Worst Music Gigs Ever

There are times when gear explodes, drunks attack, and people vanish. But even the worst music gigs can be valuable learning experiences. Every musician has stories of the best gig ever, that performance where the music clicked, the crowd roared, and the stars aligned to create a brilliant, uplifting, and transformational evening for everyone involved...
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