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How To Sell More Band Merch In 2015

Managing merch sales isn’t the sexiest part of your music career, so I can understand if it keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list. But with a new year approaching, it’s time to set some serious band merch resolutions! Maybe you need to get rid of that ratty old suitcase you’ve been keeping your CDs in for years and construct a better merch...

Get It In Writing: Why Your Band Should Have A Contract For Bookings

When you’re booking a gig, you can negotiate anything you want over the phone or face-to-face, but you or the other person might easily forget something that was promised or discussed. A contract will outline in detail everything that is expected from the band and the person hiring the band — plus it will have signatures from both...

Movie Review: American Sniper

They say the best anti-war movie is one that portrays reality and isn't made as an actual protest film. If such is the case, American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller hits the mark. But that isn't what makes this movie one of the best war dramas ever made, right up there with The Longest Day, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon.

Four Reasons To Be Patient With Your Songwriting Career

Looking back on twenty-plus years of writing songs, it’s a lot easier for me to connect the dots now and see that the things I was doing years ago would eventually bear fruit. I can safely say that nothing ever moved as quickly as I thought it would and, yet, I’m constantly surprised at the ways that my long-forgotten efforts...

Vid O’The Week: Seekae – The Stars Below

It was in my year 7 music class that I was exposured to the most magical animated music video – Animusic’s Pipe Dream. The way the balls shower down in a stream of rhythmic excellence, triggering vibrations along the strings or chimes on the metal palettes and pipes. The concept of introducing the animated world to the real world and having them interact...

It's All About the NAMM

Every January, more than 100,000 music industry professionals gather at the NAMM Show, the music product industry's premier event. On the eve of the world's largest gathering of the National Association of Music Merchants, or NAMM, there was plenty of wonderful surprises to showcase at the annual NAMM Show being held in and around the Anaheim...

Six Important Ways To Build Your Reputation as a Songwriter

As in any business, your reputation and the impression that you make is a big part of a successful career in songwriting. Being well-respected and taken seriously as a songwriter will, in time, open doors and lead to work that will get your songs to a wider audience and generate income as well. However, as with almost everything in music, building this reputation...

How to Take Your Music Career to the Next Level in the New Year

Every single musician has experienced it at some point – the dreaded plateau. After seeing some great success you just feel stuck, like you don’t know what to do to step it up to the next level. It’s not all bad – you have built up a good fanbase, you’re selling singles and albums, your gigs are a success, but you still feel stagnant.

Fundraising With Live Online Gigs

It’s no secret that fundraising is an important part of getting financial support for your art, cause, or project.
 While there are many ways to reach your audience, dynamic and personal live events are still one of the most effective ways to engage a supportive base when it comes to fundraising. There are many great crowdfunding sites...

Six Music Promotion Mistakes to Avoid

Whether it’s failing to present a consistent brand, not pushing sales, or counting exclusively on social media marketing, these music promotion mistakes can derail your music career. mistake-graphicAre you having trouble getting the word out about your products and services and getting to that next level of your music career? Are you making mistakes that...

Vid O’The Week: Left. – Freedom

There’s something peacefully magical about this electronic duo hailing from Sydney’s inner west ( where Happy HQ is located!). Left.‘s soulful petiteness effortlessly illuminates backdrops of starry night skies - with jazzy and sultry vocals and clean and superior production, what seems like uncluttered soundscapes in riddled with intricate spacey samples. You can’t help but be mesmerised...

Basic Legal Tips for Record Producers

These days the music business, particularly the pop and urban markets, is producer-driven more so than ever before. Producers not only help capture the sound in the studio and use the available technology to mold it to be as commercially acceptable as possible, but more and more producers are finding and discovering new talent and developing the...

Are You "Staying Pure" or Honing Your Craft?

Some people who make music don't want to know anything about it. It's something they do, not something they think about, and they will tell you so. One of my students told me a story once about a songwriter - one who is achieving some success – who said he didn't want to learn about “any of that music theory stuff” because he wanted...

Ten Foolproof Ways To Do Your Own Song Critiques

Early on in my songwriting career, I considered it a minor miracle that I could write a song in the first place. However, once I got a little more used to performing that particular magic trick, it became necessary to start to refine my process a bit further. In other words, it was no longer enough just to have created a song. Now I had to go back and...

Vid O’The Week: The Lulu Raes – Reputation

The word sweet cannot be used anymore literally than in this video. Look at your hands right now and imagine if your fingers were made out of delicious red liquorice, the way they taste on your jellybean lips, the soft bite against your teeth made of teeth lollies, as your wobbly jelly snake arms struggle to hold your gadget as you read...
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