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Carrie Underwood #1 Part At BMI For 'Wasted'


Jody Willliams of BMI hosted the #1 Party for Carrie Underwood's "Wasted"


BMI's Jody Williams (l) and Shelby Kennedy (r) with "Wasted" songwriters

Hillary Lindsey, Troy Verges and Marv Green


Dale Bob addresses the crowd and talks about the hit song, while (l-r)

Pat Higdon, Hilliary Lindsey, Troy Verges, Carrie Underwood, Marv Green,

Mark Brite, Jody Williams and Skip Bishop look on


Shelby Kennedy of BMI (r) presents Carrie with a special "doggie carrier" bag

for her to use on the road for her puppy, Ace.


Carrie shows off the bag, including the customized collar


Carrie with her #1 plaque, with Marv Green, Mark Brite

and Skip Bishop VP National promotion at RCA Label Group


(l-r) Shelby Kennedy, Hillary Lindsey, Marv Green, Carrie Underwood,

Troy Verges and Jody Williams


Hillary Lindsey


Troy Verges


Marv Green


Since this was Troy's first #1 song with BMI, he was presented with

the BMI #1 guitar


Afterwards, Carrie took time to pose with fans,

here with Karin Paparelli and Nathan Lee Jackson well as Chris Sligh, another American Idol alumni


Fans, friends and family of all ages were on hand to celebrate with Carrie


Brad Kennard (SongGarden) and Hank Adam Locklin (CMA)


Karin Paparelli, Nathan Lee Jackson and Bill D.


James Slater (l) and Brad Kennard (r) enjoy the party with a friend


Carrie with (l) Pete Fisher of the Grand Ole Opry

and (r) David Ross of Music Row magazine


Martha Moore (so much Moore media) and Tammy Brown (Ole Publishing)


Danny Wells was on hand for the Carrie Underwood #1 Party


Shelby Kennedy, Phil Madiera and Jody Williams


From the BMI roof top, there is an outstanding view of downtown Nashville