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What Hurts The Most #1 Party At BMI


Jeffrey Steele spoke with reporters at the #1 party for his hit,

"What Hurts The Most"


Jeffrey Steele and Storme Warren (GAC-TV)


(l-r) Mary Loving, Jeffrey Steele and his wife, Stephanie


Jeffrey Steele and long-time Western Beat host, Billy Block


Jody Willliams (BMI) began the ceremonies


Steve Markland (Windswept Publishing) his son with Jeffrey Steele celebrating the success of "What Hurts The Most"


John Pyne (CMA) presents awards to the producers and writers of the song... did Larry Holden of Country Weekly Magazine


Jeffrey receiving an award and congrats from Country Radio Broadcasters


Jeffrey Steele addressed the crowded room at BMI, thanking

his supporters and those who helped make the song such a huge success


(l-r) Jody Williams, Steve Markland, Jeffrey Steele and producer Dann Huff


(l-r) Irene Steelman, JP Williams, Greg Travis and Thom Cavin were on hand

for the #1 party for "What Hurts The Most"


(l-r) Rebecca Hill, Lucy Bashore, Valerie Pappas and Stephanie Steele


(l-r) Hit songwriter Wil Nance and his wife, Holly Hefner, were joined by

Nashville Muse publisher Doak Turner


Billy Block and hit songwriter Steve Diamond


(l-r) Katy Brown, Brad Kennard, hit songwriter/artist James Slater

and Kara Ryan (Gaylord Entertainment)


Hit songwriter/producer Troy McConnell


Mary Loving (BMI), hit songwriter/artist Delbert McClinton

and his wife, Wendy Goldstein


(l-r) Kayla White, Caroline Davis, hit songwriter Danny Wells

and Margie McGehee


Hit songwriter/producer and musician extraordinaire Dann Huff was joined

at the #1 party by his daughter, Ashlynne


Hit songwriter Craig Wiseman (print shirt) talks with some of the

songwriters signed up for Jeffrey Steele's weekend "bootcamp"


Craig Wiseman and his wife, K.K.


Hit songwriter Gary Hannan with David Preston (BMI)


(l-r) Larry Sherridan, Sara Wood and Robin Ruddy


(l-r) Melissa XXX and Greg Travis of GAC-TV were joined by Karin Paparelli


Hit songwriters all... Jeffrey Steele, Chris Wallan and Craig Wiseman


(l-r) Sandi Streuling, Debi Champion, Jeffrey Steele and Steve Emrick