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Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off #1 Party At BMI


Kelly Sutton of FOX 17 interviewing Joe Nichols at the BMI #1 party

for Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off


Joe Nichols (middle) is joined by the song's writers,

John Wiggins (l) and Gary Hannan


Gary Hannan answers questions from Laura Healy of CMT


BMI's lobby was packed to the rafters with party goers for Tequila,

and included (l-r) Chris Dodson (Makin' Music), David Preston (BMI)

and Scott Collier


Shawn Harnett with David Preston


Songwriters Josh Thompson, Sara Montgomery

and Heather Wiggins


Uber-producer Tony Brown was joined by Bob Ham

and Mylan Bogdan (Emerald Studios)


Joe Nichols greets Mack Wiggins, John's uncle


John Wiggins (r) points out to the crowd his co-writer's t-shirt,

bearing the "Got Tequila" logo.


Gary Hannan told the crowd the background to the South African phrase "Tequila makes my pants fall off," which inspired the song's hook


Joe Nichols, Gary Hannan and John Wiggins


Gary Hannan with the plaque for the #1 award


Hank Lochlan (r) of CMA present awards for the song to the two writers


Tony Brown (r) addresses the crowd while Joe, Gary and John look on


Ericka Dunlap, Miss America 2004, was on hand for the #1 party at BMI


Patricia Smith (Next Number One) and hit songwriter Harley Allen


(l-r) Paul Corbin (BMI), Joe Nichols, Gary Hannan,

Perry Howard (BMI) and John Wiggins


Robin Ruddy (l) and Larry Sheridan (r) of Best Built Songs/Parlor Studio,

were joined by Jeff Mosley


Gary Hannan and Holly Hefner


Nashville journalist Preshias Tome and songwriter Lorna Flowers


Jocelyne Bezzi-Batani played the grandmother in the video. 


Joe Nichols and songwriter Brad Rowe


Gary's father and stepmother, James and Candy Sue Hannan,

along with Gary and Joe Nichols


Gary and hit songwriter Kris Bergsenes