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Roy Acuff 3rd Annual Block Party In Support Of MusicCares


Lisa Ramsey, Vice President of Disney Music Publishing in Nashville, sat in

the dunk tank to help raise money for MusicCares at the Roy Acuff Place 3rd Annual Block Party


Yes, Lisa did get dunked (more than once, too)


Hit songwriter and artist James Slater performed at the block party


James Slater's band jamming on stage


The guitarist for James' band


Songwriter/artist Bekka Bramlett, Tessie and her daughter Callaway,

an up-and-coming artist


Mari Nagatomi, a singer/songwriter from Japan now living in Nashville


(l-r) Beth Cooper, Alex Dooley, Billy Holt, Jeff Mosley and T.C. were among those enjoying the Roy Acuff Place Block Party


On hand for the Roy Acuff Place Block Party were (l-r) Jacque Faye,

Jessica Andrews, Tom Christian, Trevor Rosen, Shanna Crooks and

Amanda Chanz


Hit songwriters Billy Yates and Wil Nance came out to help raise money

for MusicCares at the block party


(l-r) Ramona DeSalvo, Rick Bowran and Gina Martorella took part in the

Roy Acuff Place Block Party


Ben McKay and Brad Kennard enjoyed the block party


James Slater called friends up on stage to sing along and dance to the music


Dancing on the stage


Patsy Wells (BMI) and Kathy LeQuire posed for a pic at the block party


Up-and-coming artist Callaway (r) and a young friend


Enjoying the afternoon were John Gaines, Vic Danger and Henry Allen


Lisa Ramsey (Disney) with Danny Wells

after drying off from the dunkings she took to raise money for MusicCares


David Scheibner and Tahra Dergee shared a smile with the camera


James Slater with Callaway


Singer/songwriter group The Andertons (Emily, Lindsay and Kate)


(l-r) Brittany Shearer, Jennifer Crews and Lana Ribbetts were at the block party, helping raise money for MusicCares


(l-r) Susan Stewart (NARAS), artist/songwriter Anthony Smith

and Alecia Warwick (NSAI) were out enjoying the block party


(l-r) Dave Harned and Elizabeth Berry (NSAI) with John Nowak

and Danielle Alarcon at the Roy Acuff Place Block Party


Songwriters Beau Davidson and Dave Berg were out at the block party


(l-r) Carlena Hoschar, Bill Dee and Suzi Minor at the block party


Elizabeth Eckert (l) and Lisa McCann (r) with James Slater


(l-r) Lisa McCallum, Denny Carr, Shane Barrett and Lisa Witty

were part of the crowd at the block party


Songwriter/artist Lisa Carver and Missy Roberts


The Tyrone Smith Revue got the crowd hopping at the block party


Tyrone Smith


Duane Deemer and Dan Harr (MNN owner)


(l-r) Dean Moore, Troy Olsen and Stacey Olsen