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Rodney Atkins #1 Party For 'If You're Going Through Hell'


Songwriter Dave Berg and Rodney Atkins at the #1 party for

"If You're Going Through Hell" at Judge Bean's


(l-r) Sandy Leonard, Leigh Ann Agee, Dave Berg and Lyndon Leonard


Dave Berg with his parents, Wilma and Carl at the #1 party

for "If You're Going Through Hell"


It was a packed room at Judge Bean's for the #1 party


Rodney Atkins and his son, Elijah, with Mike Curb of Curb Records


Brad Schmitt (Channel 2) emceed the #1 party


Chad Green of ASCAP started off the awards presentation for

the "If You're Going Through Hell" #1 party


Tim Fink of SESAC addressed the crowd and presented the writers

and Rodney with awards


The stage was packed with writers, publishers, label execs and Rodney Atkins


The Governor's office sent a representative read a proclamation by Governor Bredesen on behalf of the writers and artist


Dave Berg raised his "going through hell" trophy


Frank Liddell of Carnival Records addressed the crowd

before presenting awards


Rodney Atkins and Annie Tate, co-write of the hit song


(l-r) Carson James (Curb Records), Rodney Atkins and Mike Curb


Brad Kennard (white shirt) holds up his plaque.  Brad was the song plugger

for "If You're Going Through Hell"


Rodney Atkins


Rodney addresses the crowd and thanks the songwriters, label, publishers

and others for providing him with the hit song


(l-r) Brad Kennard, Mike Curb and Ted Hewitt, producer, look on as Rodney addresses the crowded room at Judge Bean's


Rodney addressing the crowd


Rodney Atkins


Rodney Atkins addressing the crowd


Rodney was joined by his wife, Kimberly


Mike Curb addressing the crowd


Songwriter Annie Tate thanked the publishers, label and Rodney for taking

the song and making it a huge hit


Mari Nagatomi shared a smile with Same Tate, co-writer of the hit song


(l-r) Hit songwriter Gary Hannan, Bill D., Karen Paparelli and Justin Levenson

were on hand for the #1 party


Jamie White joined hit songwriter Rivers Rutherford for a picture


Gerry Holthouse, Lisa Konicki and Larry Holden of Country Weekly Magazine


Hit songwriter Danny Wells with two friends at the #1 party


Gary Hannan and Rivers Rutherford (Rivers co-produced the latest Montgomery Gentry album, which has one of Gary's songs on it)