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NSAI's Christmas Party 2006


Natalie Howard and hit songwriter James Dean Hicks


Holly Hefner and her husband, hit songwriter Wil Nance


(l-r) Hit writer Gary Hannan , Sally Barris, Toni Catlin and Buddy Owens


Lynn Wilbanks and Chris Dodson


Amanda Williams and Dan Schaeffer


Kasey and Adam Dread


Chris Wallin and Christiana Aronstam


Hit writer Gretchen Peters, Dan Keen (ASCAP) and ???


Susan Stewart (NARAS), Natalie Howard and Julie Forester


Georgia Thomas and Terry Moran (NSAI)


Paige Strong, Harry Chapman and Randi Michaels


Erika Wollam-Nichols (NSAI), Lewis Meyers (Exec. Dir, Folk Alliance)

and Amy Kurland (Owner, Bluebird Cafe)


Kirstie Manna, Jeff Spence and Eugene Banks


Matt Molan and Sonia Lee


Jennifer Adams and Rusty Gaston


CJ Watson and Lisa Aschmann


(l-r) Gil Seighman, Rich Donahue and Jaimee Wilson


Sheree Austin


Nancy Moran, Fett and Holly Hefner all show off their headwear


(l-r) Amber Feltman, Lisa Mowry and Trina Taylor


Jim Parker and Debi Cochran


(l-r) Cleve Clark, AJ Clark and Brandon Trey of Alvarado Road Show

with songwriter Michael Ochs


Scott Gerow and Diona Devin


Tammy Jacobs (r) and a friend (l) at NSAI


Brittany Moses and Trisha Fogle


Irene Goodnight and David Martin


(l-r) Sally Barris, Gretchen Peters, Barry Walsh and Robin Ruddy


Liz and Ella Rosen enjoyed the NSAI Christmas party together


Randi Michaels (NSAI), Krista Lee, Natalie Kilgore (NSAI)

and Michelle Goble (ASCAP


Neil Anderson took a break from the partying and played piano in one

of NSAI's writer's rooms


(l-r) Antoinette Oleson, Al Moss, Brad Paul, Toni Catlin and Monty Hitchcock


(l-r) Gunner Nelson, Natalie Howard and Mark Slaughter


(l-r) Songwriters Brenda Cantwell, Nancy Rogers, Rand Bishop

and Chas Sanford


Robin Rice, Benita Hill and Jim Parker


Harmony Overstreet, Paul Overstreet, Deborah Allen and Raymond Hicks