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NSAI's 'World's Biggest #1 Party'



Elizabeth Berry, Natalie Kilgore and Sheree Spann, all of NSAI, getting ready

for the NSAI #1 party



Lynne Wilbanks, Dan Schaeffer and Gig Swanson



Randi Michaels and Harry Chapman at the NSAI #1 Party



Hit songwriter Vicky McGehee and Phil Evans



Jack Speer and Lisa Firestone



Kim Marshell and hit songwriter Tony Mullins



Bob Regan (NSAI President) and hit songwriter Rich Fagan



Harry Chapman (Channel 5), Tammy Genovese (CMA)

and Hank Adam Locklin (CMA)



Judy Harris, Karen Sturgeon and Nicole Arnett



Van Tucker with Al Bunetta



(l-r) Claude Phillips, Woody Bomar, Johnny MacRae and Scott Bomar



Hit songwriters John Wiggins (l) and Gary Hannan (r)

with Larry Holden of Country Weekly Magazine



Hit songwriter and guitarist Gary Talley with Mitch Roberts of Channel 2 News



Eddie Heinzelman, Jimbeau Hinson and Amanda Martin



Mary Alice, hit songwriter Steve Williams and his wife, Terri



Ronna Reeves and hit songwriter Kerry Kurt Phillips



Hit songwriters Brett James and Chris Wallin



Rodney Clawson signs the posters



(l-r) Harry Chapman, Al Bunetta, (name unknown) and Nashville

Vice-Mayor Howard Gentry



Phil Vassar and Chris Wallin



Randi Michaels and Brett James



Harry Chapman, Craig Wiseman and Phil Vassar



Hit songwriters Thom Shepherd, Gary Hannan and Jason Matthews



Hit songwriters George Teran and Phil Vassar sign posters

to be auctioned off for charity fundraisers



Hit songwriters Ronnie Bowman and Brett Beavers share a laugh

in the "green room" before the #1 celebration



Gary Hannan and Phil Vassar



Bart Herbison, NSAI Director, emceed the #1 celebration



Hit songwriter Steve Seskin looks on



Nashville Vice-Mayor Howard Gentry addresses the crowd



It was standing room only at the NSAI #1 celebration held in the NSAI

and Regents Bank parking lots



Steve Bogard presents Harry Chapman with an award...



...and also Bob Beckham



Harry Chapman and Randi Michaels hold up a signed plaque presented

to Harry by NSAI.  They are joined by Paige Strong



Ronnie Bowman and Don Cook are awarded for their #1 hit,

"It's Getting Better All The Time" by Brooks & Dunn



Tony Martin (green shirt) accepts the award for "My Give A Damn's Busted,"

co-written with Joe Diffie and recorded by Jo Dee Messina



George Teran (dark shirt) accepts for "Homewrecker," co-written with

Rivers Rutherford and recorded by Gretchen Wilson



Neil Thrasher received a plaque for "Fast Cars and Freedom,"

recorded by Rascal Flatts



Terry McBride accepted the award for "Play Something Country,"

recorded by Brooks & Dunn



Chris Wallin (white shirt) and Stephanie Steel (far right, on behalf of her husband, Jeffrey), accept the plaque for "Something To Be Proud Of,"

recorded by Montgomery Gentry



Bart Herbison gives Thom Shepherd a hug as Steve Williams joins them on the stage for the #1 celebration



Steve Williams (l) and Thom Shepherd (r) accept for

"Redneck Yacht Club," recorded by Craig Morgan



Brett Beavers (dark green) accepts for "Come A Little Closer,"

co-written and recorded by Dierks Bentley



John Wiggins (middle) and Gary Hannan (r) accept the plaque

for "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off," recorded by Joe Nichols



Mike Doyle (r) accepts the award for "Good Ride Cowboy,"

 the Chris LeDeaux tribute recorded by Garth Brooks



Marty Dodson (light blue shirt) and Jason Matthews (far right) received the award for "Must Be Doin' Something Right," recorded by Billy Currington



Kerry Kurt Phillips (far right) was on hand to accept for the George Strait hit,

"She Let Herself Go," which Kerry co-write with Dean Dillon



Brett James (middle) and Gordie Sampson (dark blue) accepted the award

for "Jesus Take The Wheel," recorded by Carrie Underwood



George Teran was back on the stage a second time for

"When I Get Where I'm Going," recorded by Brad Paisley and

co-written with Rivers Rutherford



David Lee Murphy accepted his award for "Living In Fast Forward,"

recorded by Kenny Chesney



Stephanie Steele (Jeffrey's wife and 2nd from right) accepted on behalf

of her husband for "What Hurts The Most," recorded by Rascal Flatts



Steve Bogard (light blue) and Jeremy Stover (r) accept for

"Wherever You Are," recorded by Jack Ingram



Vickie McGehee (middle) and Rodney Clawson (r) accept for "Why,"

recorded by Jason Aldean



Tony Martin (l) and Brett Beavers (middle) accept for the Dierks Bentley

hit, "Settle For A Slowdown"



Craig Wiseman (2nd from r) and Tony Mullins (r) accept for

LeAnn Rimes' huge hit, "something's Gotta Give"



Craig Wiseman stayed on stage and was joined by Steve McEwen for the hit,

"Summertime," recorded by Kenny Chesney



Closing out the awards part of the afternoon was Phil Vassar (2nd from r) and

 Tim Ryan (r) for 'Last Day Of My Life," recorded by Phil



Hit songwriter Wil Nance and his wife, Holly Hefner



Song plugger Butch Baker, Shauna Mosley and Bradley Collins (BMI)



Elizabeth Berry (NSAI), June McHugh (Ash Street Music)

and Jody Williams (BMI)



Songwriter Travis Warren and new Broken Bow artist Fidel



Hit songwriter Earl "Bud" Lee (l) with Patsy Sermersheim and Tony Wade



Two-Foot Fred with Angela Rouech



John Briggs (ASCAP), Tom Stipe and Hank Adam Locklin (CMA)



Hit songwriter Chas Sanford and Randi Michaels



Hit songwriter Jim Photoglo flanked b Laura Huie (l) and Paige Strong (r)



Tony Mullins with his #1 plaque



(l-r) Caroline Davis, Jayne Rogovin, artist Kate Russel

and Stephanie Langston (Channel 2 News)



Susan Suruda and Del Nora at the #1 party



Bart Herbison with Beverly and Steve Bogard



Mike Kinnamon and Dan Schaeffer



Hit songwriters John Wiggins and Gary Hannan

("Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off)



Harry Chapman with the signed plaque as he's heading home after the party



(l-r) Brett James, Susan Stewart (NARAS), Dave Haywood,

Charles Kelly and Alicia Warwick



Song plugger Michelle Berlin with hit writer Brett James



Jerry Phillips and Muzik Mafia artist Shannon Lawson



(l-r) Amanda Martin, Jimbeau Hinson, Earl "Bud" Lee and Lisa Carver



Thom Shepherd and Amanda Williams



Jimbeau Hinson, Robin Ruddy and Marc-Alan Barnett



Paul Riesler and Jim Photoglo



Irene Goodnight and Gary Talley give a final "see ya" at the end of the day