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Music Row Magazine's 'Best Of' Awards


BMI's lobby was packed for the annual Music Row Magazine

"Best Of..." Awards


David Ross, Publisher and Editor of Music Row Magazine,

emceed the event and presented the first awards


(l-r) Sarah Gilbert (MR), Steve Nathan (Best Keyboards),

Derek Bason (Best Engineer), Michael Rhodes (Best Bass),

Wes Hightower (Best Vocals), Jonathan Yudkin (Best Fiddle) and his son,

and David Ross (MR)


Michael Kraski, Equity Music Group President, accepts the award

from David Ross for Best Marketing Achievement


Jason Matthews (Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right) receives the award

for Best Breakthrough Songwriter from Robert K. Oermann (MR writer)


Robert K. Oermann, writer and critic for Music Row Magazine,

co-emceed the Music Row Magazine "Best Of..." Awards ceremony at BMI


What Hurts The Most was awarded the Best Song Of The Year - (l-r)

Pat Higdon, Jeffrey Steele, Steve Markland, Kathering Blasingame,

Robert K. Oermann, Dann Huff and Dan's son, Elliott


Jeffrey Steele, co-writer of What Hurts The Most with Steve Robson,

thanked the industry crowd for voting the song the "Best Of 2006"


Hit songwriter Craig Wiseman joined Jeffrey on stage to award him

the "Order of the Elephant" from Craig's publishing company,

Big Loud Shirt, for his achievement


David Ross and RCA Chairman Joe Galante, who accepted the award

on behalf of Carrie Underwood for Critic's Pick


Dann Huff and his son, Elliott, as Dann accepted the award

for Best Producer


David Ross, Dann Huff and Elliott Huff


After accepting his MR Best Of... award, Dann also received

the "Order of the Elephant" from Craig Wiseman and Big Loud Shirt


Glenda Cones, Studio Manager of Ocean Way, addressed the crowd after accepting the award for Best Nashville Studio


(l-r) Jonathan Freeman, Chart Manager for MR Magazine, Glenda Cones

and David Ross


(l-r) Jonathan Freeman, Kelly Holmes, Karen Clark and David Ross as

Kelly and Karen accept the award for Best Bank To Deposit Your Royalty Check

awarded to SunTrust Bank


Jeff Walker, President and Founder of AristoMedia, accepts the award

for Best Independent Publicity Company


Jeff Walker and David Ross


David Ross, Sherrill Blackman and Michelle Ross (MR RowFax Manager), as Sherrill accepts the award for Best Nashville Songplugger


On had to celebrate the awards were Brad Kennard, Jody Williams

and Kris Bergsenes


Robin Ruddy was joined by Australian writer Allyson Fox

at the Music Row Magazine "Best Of..." awards


(l-r) Kurt Herron, Elsa (Redd Hot Mamas),

Cindy Herron (Redd Hot Mama's Manager) and Sonja (Redd Hot Mama's)

celebrated the "Best Of..." awards


Chas Sanford and Lisa Firestone attended the "Best Of..." Awards ceremony


Susana Ross and Alan Mayor were on hand for

the Music Row Magazine awards


Outside BMI, hit songwriters Danny Wells and Jeffrey Steel posed for a pic.

Danny and Jeffrey cowrote Rascal Flatt's huge hit, These Days


Patricia Smith (Next Number One) with Mike Kinnamon (JMK Publishing)

at the Music Row Magazine "Best of..." Awards