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Montage Music Group Official Launch Party At Sambucas


Allen Butler, President of Montage Music Group, addressed the crowd

at the Montage Official Launch party held at Sambuca


John Simmons took a moment to address the crown and talk

about Montage Music Group


(l-r) John Simmons, Vanessa Davis (Splash Pub.), DeLisa O'Brien, Butch Baker and Allen Butler


Minnie Murphy opened the musical part of the party


Minnie Murphy


Minnie Murphy


Minnie Murphy


Minnie Murphy


Allen Butler, Minnie Murphy and John Simmons


Ann Wilson (Ann Wilson Music Group) and Debbie White were on hand for the welcome party for Montage Music Group


Brandy Anderson and Ed Benson enjoyed the party


Livesay and Linda were all smiles...


...especially when they were joined by Charlie Daniels Jr. And Lisa Manning


Charlie Monk (Sirius) , Lisa Manning (WKDF) and Mike Wilson (Montage)


Dwayne O'Brien of Little Texas


Porter Howell of Little Texas


Little Texas performed for the packed room at Sambuca's for

the Montage Music Group welcome party


Little Texas


Porter Howell


(l-r) Duane Propes, Porter Howell, Allen Butler, John Simmons,

Dwayne O'Brien and Del Gray