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MADD Charity Softball Game - 'Cops Vs. Jocks' 2006


Kim And Dean from WKDF, FM 103, did a live remote at the Cops Vs. Jocks

charity softball game at Mt. Juliet to raise money for MADD


MADD volunteers (l-r) Shelly Hackney, Brandie Buchanan and Kelly Scheib manned the VIP entrance at the Cops Vs. Jocks charity softball game


Some of the Cops on hand included (l-r) Bruce Sherman, L.C. Stewart and Jim Bussell of the Mt. Juliet Police Department


Rhean Boyer of Carolina Rain signs one of the t-shirts later auctioned off

to raise money for the Mt. Juliet chapter of MADD

(Mothers Against Drunk Driving)


Marvin Evatt, also of Carolina Rain, the new Equity record label group


Equity recording artists Carolina Rain (l-r): Marvin Evatt, Rhean Boyer

and Jeremy Baxter


Jeff Bates signs in on one of the t-shirts to be auctioned


Event organizer Lt. Wesley Neely of the Mt. Juliet PD (center), along with cheerleaders of the Kat and Titans, including (l-r): Mindy (Kats),

LaVerne (Titans), Tracy (Titans), Jennifer (Kats), Tandra (Titans),

Tonia (Kats), Felicia (Kats) and Shannon (Kats)


Andy Griggs signs in at the VIP entrance, putting his signature on one of

the t-sirts to be auctioned... did "Mr. Benefit," Vince Gill, fresh from playing 18 holes of golf earlier


New country artist Memarie signs one of the t-shirts


Daryle Singletary checking in at the VIP entrance


Vince Gill and WKDF's Lisa Manning at the Cops Vs. Jocks charity game


"Redd Hot Mamas" wannabe's Candy (l) and Ima Wannabe (of the Pegram Wannabes) with Justin "Stuntboy" of WKDF FM 103


The real  Redd Hot Mamas Sonja (l) and Elsa (r) with (l-r) Daryle Singletary, Andy Griggs and Jeff Bates


Sherrill Blackman with Nashville Star alumni and winner Erika Jo


Some of the "red" team with their mascot, Gwenny


Blake Shelton, Erika Jo and Jeff Bates before the game


Lt. Wesley Neely of the Mt. Juliet PD helped organize the event to raise money

for the Mt. Juliet chapter of MADD


Joe Gray of Bridgestone Tires, one of the sponsors

of the charity softball game


Michael Shannon from the Mr. Juliet High School choir

sang the National Anthem before the game


Team captains Blake Shelton and Andy Griggs share a... well,

a pre-coin toss hug and smooch.


Andy Griggs called tails but the coin landed heads


Some of the crowd enjoying the charity softball game


Vince Gill was the pitcher for the "black" team (Check out the socks!)




Craig Hentrich of the Tennessee Titans landed the game's first home run


Andy Griggs took his turn at bat...


...before taking the pitcher's mound for his "red" team


Tandra (cheerleader for the Kats) gets a little batting coaching

from the Kats' mascot


Erika Jo kept her eye on the ball and got a good hit


Check out Jeff Bates' concentration as he waits for the pitch


"Shoeless" Vince Gill at bat


Nashville Kats cheerleader Jennifer, ready for the pitch


Minday of the Kats cheerleading squad took a powerful swing

and got a base hit


Mt. Juliet Police Chief Ted Floyd in fine form at the plate


Memarie watches the ball and followed through, making a base hit


Jimmy Carter of Channel 4 (Nash.) pitches to Blake Shelton


At one point, all the "black" team members took the field in defense


Daryle Singletary receives paramedic attention after taking a bad spill.  It was later learned he'd broken his left arm and three ribs


Sherrill Blackman kept his eye on the ball and sent it flying


Vince Gill signed autographs for fans...


...and posed with Karen Jones,

who purchased a glove autographed by Vince


"Ima Wannabe" with Vince Gill


Daniel Boyer, son of Carolina Rain member Rhean Boyer, managed

a home run during his time at bat


Daniel and his father, Rhean


Savannah Jack members Mike Ulvila, Jay Darby and Don Gatlin


Justin "Stuntboy" from WKDF rounds home


"Black" team captain Blake Shelton concentrates on his team