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Kid Pan Alley CD Release At BMI


Paul Gardner, Music Dir. of the Nashville Chamber Orchestra, addresses the crowd at the Kid Pan Alley CD release party at BMI while Paul Reisler and

Connie Linsler Valentine (Exec. Dir, NCO) look on


(l-r) Hit songwriter Jim Photoglo and his son, Griffin, are joined by

Jody Williams (BMI) and Dan Keen (ASCAP)


Hit songwriter Chuck Jones is interviewed by Storme Warren of GAC-TV

during the Kid Pan Alley CD release party


Allison Brown and Garry West (Compass Records) are joined by

hit songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman


(l-r) front row: David Haley, Connie Linsler Valentine, Stephanie Fields,

Jen Ross, Britney Jamarillo, Allison Brown; back row: Thad Keim, Paul Gamble, Jody Williams, Priscilla Partridge DeGarcia, Garry West


(l-r) Doak Turner, LaurieAnne Gardner, Jason Blume and Bojanna were on hand for the Kid Pan Alley CD release party


John Bindel was one of the performers on the Kid Pan Alley CD


(l-r) Ruth Elkins, Susan Adcock and Gloria Houghland attended the

Kid Pan Alley CD release party


Chuck Jones performed during the CD release party... did Griffin and Jim Photoglo


Jason Blume sang a song from the CD... did Paul Reisler...


...and Beth Neilsen Chapman


At one point, Beth Neilsen Chapman invited some kids to join her

on stage to provide back up singing