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Josh Turner #1 Party At BMI For 'Your Man'


(l-r) Frank Rogers, Gary Overton (EMI), Jace Everett, David Preston (BMI), Josh Turner, Royce Risser (Universal/MCA), Liz O'Sullivan (Seagayle Pub.), Chris DuBois and Chris Stapleton


Josh Turner poses with the song's writers (l-r) Jace Everett,

Chris DuBois and Chris Stapleton


Hank Locklin (CMA) presents an award for the #1 song to Jace Everett


Jace Everett addresses the crowd while Josh Turner looks on


Josh Turner spoke about his appreciation for the song


Jace Everett and Josh turner


Harry Warner (BMI) is flanked by hit songwriters (l) Gary Hannan

and (r) Earl "Bud" lee


(l-r) (sorry, can't remember your name) with Mary Loving (BMI,

Gary Hannan and Bradley Collins (BMI)


Two of the songwriters from Your Man,

Chris Stapleton and Jace Everett


Songwriters C.J. Watson and Dean Larson were on hand for the #1 party