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Jason Alean's #1 Party For 'Why'


Jason Alean's song Why made it to #1 on the charts


Prior to the #1 party, Jason performed for his fan club at Mystik

in downtown Nashville


Jason Aldean


It was a packed room listening to Jason Aldean At Mystik


Jason is interviewed by Storme Warren (GAC) at the #1 party for Why


Brad Howell, GM of Broken Bow Records, emceed the #1 party


Benny Brown, Broken Bow Records founder and owner, presents Jason

with an award for the #1 song, Why


Jason addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for helping make

Why a number one song


Jason Aldean and John Rich, one of the co-writers on the song


Jason and Vicky McGehee, one of the writers on the song


Jason and Rodney Clawson, one of the writers on the song


Jason thanked his band for everything they've done

to help him become a superstar


BMI honored their writers at the party.  (l-r) Bradley Collins, Vicky McGehee, Rodney Clawson and Jody Williams


ASCAP honored their writer at the party.  (l-r) John Rich, Connie Bradley,

Kos Weaver (Warner Chappell) and Jason Aldean