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James Slater's 'That's Why God Made Mexico" Fiesta


Bekka Bramlett, James Slater and Callaway at Ga'Dang's

for James' "That's Why God Made Mexico Fiesta" party


James Slater


James Slater


James Slater


James and his band on stage at Ga'Dangs


James and his band


Barbara Cloyd, who hosts Wed. night writers' nights at Ga'Dang,

ran the sound board for James' party


Sandy Stephens and Kara Ryan at the James Slater party


Mary Loving (BMI), Max Abrams (Muzik Mafia), Perry Howard (BMI)

and Sara Lemonds enjoyed the James Slater party at Ga'Dang


Bekka Bramlett and Callaway took the stage at one point

during James Slater's party


Bekka and Callaway


Bekka and Callaway