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Hands Across The Water CD Release


(l-r) Donica Christensen and David Haley of Compass Records were joined by Andrea Zonn and John Cutliffe, co-producers of the Hands Across The Water Tsunami Benefit CD


Gary West, co-founder of Compass Records, addressed the crowd

in the lobby of ASCAP during the Hands Across The Water release party


Andrea Zonn, Jon Randall and Alison Brown were the first performers

during the Hands Across The Water CD release party held at ASCAP,

singing Get Through It from the CD


(l-r) Jamie Arthur, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Beth's son Ernest and Darrell Scott


Ernest Chapman, Beth's son, was

one of the musicians at the CD release party


Beth Nielsen Chapman, with the current hit

Trying To Love You (Trisha Yearwood) on the charts, sang the song

she co-wrote for the project, Be Still My Soul


Maura O'Connell and Jim Lauderdale sang their co-written song,

The World's Family


John Cowan (middle) was joined by Andrea Zonn and Darrell Scott during John's song, Cumberland Plateau


Andrea and John harmonizing together


The final song was This Beggar's Heart, which Darrell Scott co-wrote.


Darrell singing his song, with Tim O'Brien on mandolin playing along


(l-r) front row: John Cowan, Maura O'Connell, Beth Chapman, Tim O'Brien, Jim Lauderdale, Alison Brown and Andrea Zonn; back row: Darrell Scott, John Briggs (ASCAP), Mike Sistad, Hurky Williams, Gary West (Compass Records) and Jon Randall