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Gibson Guitartown Gala And Auction At BMI


On Thursday, Feb. 23rd, Gibson Guitars and BMI hosted

the GuitarTown Auction Gala Event, raising money for four charities


(l-r) Billy Block (Western Beat), Stormy Warren (GAC),

Elyse Luray (Auction Specialist) and Michael McCall


Marla Sitten (RadioActive Promotions) and Jessica Ford attended the event


Stephanie Langston (News 2) in her Manuel-designed clothes

stands by the Manuel-designed guitar up for auction


Tracy Lawrence arrives on the red carpet for

the Guitartown Auction and Gala event


Muzik Mafia member Shannon Lawson (r) and his wife,

creative artist Mandy Lawson


Creative artist Rachel Kice and Two Foot Fred,

both members of the Muzik Mafia


Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, arrives for the event


Stephanie Langston and Manuel


Brenda Lee (r) and her assistant

with the guitar Brenda signed for the auction


Vince Gill, who signed one of the guitars up for auction,

never misses an opportunity to participate in charity events


Several members of the Nashville Star Season 4 cast


Chely Wright talks with Stephanie Langston of News 2


Big and Rich talk with the media about co-hosting the event


Chely Wright posing with one of the giant Gibson guitars


Creative artist Ronell Venter was the designer of "In The Music,"

the big guitar with LeAnn Rimes' picture on it


Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Guitars, thanks the crowd for coming

to the GuitarTown Auction Gala event


The main lobby at BMI was crowded with Music City's elite,

all there to observe and particip the guitar auctionate in


John Rich talks with the members of the Disney group, Everlife...


...before posing with the group. (l-r) Amber Ross, Julia Ross, John Rich

and Sarah Ross.


John Rich and Big Kenny were co-hosts of the event


John Rich talking with the crowd about the auction


Billy Block of Western Beat was also co-host of the event with Big & rich


John Rich, Billy Block and Big Kenny


At one point, Kenny took the mic and showed off a talent

many don't know he has... that of auctioneer


Big Kenny yells the final "SOLD" to the highest bidder

for the Brooks & Dunn giant guitar


Keni Thomas provided entertainment for the event


Keni showing off his guitar licks


(l-r) Albert Love, Eileen Wallach (one of the guitar artists present) and

her husband, Rick Dewey


Two Foot Fred surrounded by the lovely ladies of Nashville Star Season 4


Gypsy and Caroline Carns were on hand to check out the festivities


Tanya Tucker and her son, Grayson,

speak with Laura Douglas of CMT Insider


Musician Stever Cropper takes a moment to smile for the camera with

Tanya Ticker and her son, Grayson


(l-r) Big Kenny's wife, Christiev, along with Virginia Davis,

songwriter Vicky McGehee and Shawn Pennington


Pru Clearwater and Jill Block (Billy's wife) were on hand to

have fun at the GuitarTown Auction Gala event


Leroy Parnell and Jim Felber, Entertainment Relations Director with Gibson


David Sandoval shares a smile with guitar artist Roxanne Charette


Layla Tucker, Tanya's daughter, strikes a pose reminiscent of her mother


Stephanie Langston, Rosie Flores and Manuel

stand by the guitar Manuel designed


Sarah Bowers and Leslie Roberts pose with the guitar they designed

for the guitar auction


Nicholette Rock enjoyed the evening at the GuitarTown Auction Gala event


Shevy Smith, artist and keyboard player for Keni Thomas,

and Keni  pose for a pic in the BMI lobby


Katie Roller Schultz designed the Brooks and Dunn giant guitar


Billy Block watches as Kathleen Guzman shouts out SOLD to one buyer


Randy Himes of AFTRA and his wife, Betsy, enjoyed the evening

at the Gibson GuitarTown Auction