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Gandy Ink's Welcome To Nashville Party At Sunset Grille


Gandy, Ink, a merchandising company out of San Angelo, Texas, is opening offices in Nashville.  On hand from the company were (l-r): Brenda Klepser, Phil Gandy, Cele Gandy, John Gandy (owner), Brooke Gandy,

Shawn Carter, Matthew Wilkes, Tandy Rice and Sarah Burnett


(l-r) Tandy Rice, songwriter/producer Bobby Wood

and songwriter/artist Mersaidee Soules


Barbara Rice checked everyone in for the Gandy, Ink

"Welcome To Nashville" party at Sunset Grille


On hand for the party were Jeff Walker (AristoMedia), Pam Lewis (PLA Media)

and Hank Lochlin (CMA)


Mersaidee Soules opened the musical part of the party


Mersaidee Soules


Mersaidee Soules


Peter Dawson was next to take the stage at Sunset Grille

during the Gandy, Ink "Welcome To Nashville" party


Peter Dawson


Peter Dawson


Steve Mandel took the stage after Peter Dawson


Steve Mandel


Steve Mandel


The headline act at the Gandy, Ink party was

Texas native Willie Mack


Willie Mack and his band


Willie Mack