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DukeFest 2006 - Dukes Of Hazzard


The fans waited for hours in line to grab autographs from the stars

of Dukes Of Hazard


Dukes of Hazard stars (l-r) Tom Wopat (Luke), John Scnheider (Bo),

Ben Jones (Cooter Davenport), Sonny Shroyer (Enos) and Rick Hurst (Cletus Hogg) onstage, singing "Good Ol' Boys", the theme song from the TV show


Ben "Cooter" Jones gets the crowd warmed up


Tom Wopat (Luke Duke)


John Schneider (Bo Duke) signs the t-shirt of a young fan


Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) signs a poster during the autograph sessions


Sonny Shroyer (Enos) signing a DVD for a fan


Rick Hurst (Cletus Hogg) during the autograph sessions


James Best (Sheriff Rosco P. Coltraine) signs a model of the General Lee


Willie and Nikki Yates with their children, were among those standing in line

for autographs and photos with the TV stars


Joey Hoops of Owensboro, KY, grew up watching Dukes Of Hazzard, and

said he wishes television today was more family-oriented like the Dukes show

(Joey stood in line for over six hours to get an autograph from John Schneider)


Tom Wopat with Faith, a young fan of the show now in reruns on CMT


John Schneider with Spender Stewert, a Make-A-Wish child down

from Pennsylvania for the 2006 Dukesfest


Sonny Shroyer with Troy from Memphis, another Make-A-Wish child

attending the event


Rick Hurst (Cletus) with two young fans of the show


Catherine Bach (Daisy duke) Samantha, a four year old fan from New York.

Samantha and her mom drove 12 hours to attend the show, then stood in lines for a combined total of 14 hours to obtain autographs.  Samantha is a new Dukes Of Hazzard fan from the next generation


Sean and Alicia Frost with Tom Wopat during the signing sessions


Sonny Shroyer (Enos) greets fans in front of the grandstand at the

Music City Motorplex, where Dukesfest 2006 was held


Catherine Bach with Tracy and Lauren Merrill


Nathan (r) and his mother, Priscilla, with Tom Wopat.  Nathan, suffering from Hydrocephalus and CP, was personally invited by John Schneider and

Tom Wopat to attend Dukefest.


Sonny Shroyer with a Make-A-Wish fan


Outside, the Motorplex racetrack was filled with "General Lee" cars and fans adoring them.


One of the General Lee's on hand for viewing


Another of the cars, lovingly restored and kept up by a loyal Dukes fan


The festival even included small models of the show's cars...


...including a well-built chase model