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Dog Walk In The Park Benefit

For The Nashville Humane Society


Tammy Kugler and "Bacon" arrived for the Mutt Strutt as part of

the Dog Day in the Park celebration


Yep... the dog is bigger than the boy


Eileen Johnson with her husband Kenneth's dog, Cavier





Small dogs think they're giants!



Attack of the wiener dogs!


LeAnn Rimes was on hand for the Mutt Strutt


Geoff Brown (l) and Rob Leibowitz (r) of Pedigree were joined by LeAnn Rimes


LeAnn joined Chris Farrell of the Nashville Scene and his daughter


"Hollywood, here I come"


LeAnn Rimes makes a new friend


LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Dean, led off the Mutt Strutt walk

around Centennial Park


The Mutt Strutt




These two watched as the Mutt Strutt passed by


After the walk, LeAnn took a few moments to sign autographs


Some of the volunteers for the Dog Day in the Park celebration


Dean Larson opened the musical portion of the day


Dean Larson



Warner Brothers recording artist Shannon Brown

and her husband, Shaun Silva, with their dog


Who's the master?


Shannon Brown


Despite being 8 months pregnant, Shannon rocked the park with hot music


Shannon Brown



"Pass me a chew, bubba!"








Jamie White and friend...





J.C. Jones


J.C. Jones





"You talkin' to me?  YOU TALKIN' TO ME???"










One cool dude!