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Colgate Country Showdown Finals Show


Eddie Montgomery, of Montgomery Gentry,

singing their current hit, Somewthing To Be Proud Of


Eddie, along with Troy Gentry, opened the show

for the 24th Annual Colgate Country Showdown


Troy Gentry, singing on the Montgomery Gentry hit, My Town


The five contestants joined in on My Town


Eddie and Troy


Kassie DePaiva, singer and actress on the ABC soap One Life To Live,

hosted the Colgate Country Showdown


First up was Ashley Ford from Cavalier, ND. 

Ashley was the Midwest regional winner


Ashley sang There You Are and God Fearin Women


Next up was Michelle Rene, the West regional winner from Phoenix, AZ.

(Michelle would go on to win the contest and the $100,000 prize)


Michelle sang Heart of Love and Cowgirl Heart Of Mine


Rebecca Frederick of Ada, OK, Southwest regional winner,

was next to take center stage at the Ryman during the show


Rebecca sang Lovin' In The Mud and Nothing Like A Song


The youngest contestant was Southeast regional winner,

17 year old Catherine Ritter of Linden, TN


Catherine sang Mississippi Girl and When I Think About Cheating


The final contestant to perform was Jessi of Bardstown, KY,

the Northeast regional winner


Jessi sang Breakdown Here and God Fearin' Women


After a change of wardrobe, the contestants came back to talk about what inspired them to enter the contest and become a singer


Michelle Rene




Ashley Ford


Catherine Ritter


Rebecca Frederick


Kassie DePaiva joined the girls and asked questions

as they described their inspirations...


...then took the stage and sang a song from her new CD


The five girls waited in anticipation... Eddie, Kassie and Troy announced the winner


Michelle Rene took the prize!


Montgomer Gentry, Kassie DePaiva and Michelle Rene


Posing for the cameras


Michelle Rene showing off her prize...


and posing with her parents, John and Lori Nettles


After the show, Troy Gentry stood outside in the cold

and signed autographs for fans attending the event