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CMA Press Conference At Nashville School Of Arts


Kix Brooks and Jimmy Mattingly (of the Grascals) before the

CMA Press Conference at Nashville School of Arts (NAS)


Creative artist Rachel Kice and Kix Brooks


Songwriter Skip Ewing (l) talks with Ed Benson of the CMA


Eddie Montgomery, Mike Neal of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce

and Ed Benson


(l-r) Mike Curb (Curb Records), Marty Dickens (Pres. of BellSouth),

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry


Kix Brooks chats with Mike Curb and Marty Dickens


Eddie, Troy and Kix compare notes before going into the press conference


It was a packed room at the CMA Press Conference held at

the Nashville School of Arts


NAS Principal Bob Wilson opened the press conference


James DiSilva, a 10th grader at NAS, entertained the crowd with

some fantastic classical guitar work


Kix Brooks addressed the crowd...


...followed by Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell...


...and Montgomery Gentry


Another shot of Eddie and Troy


Mike Curb talked about his involvement in the

Nashville Alliance for Public Education


BellSouth President Marty Dickens also spoke to the crowd


(l-r) Rachel Kice, Jimmy Mattingly, Bob Wilson, Bill Purcell, Tammy Genovese,

Mike Curb, Marty Dickens, Eddie Montgomery, James DiSilva, Kix Brooks and Troy Gentry


(l-r) Kix Brooks, Eddie Montgomery, Rachel Kice, Troy Gentry

and Tammy Genovese with one of Rachel's creations


Kix, Eddie and Troy


(l-r) Kix Brooks, Eddie Montgomery, Bob Wilson and Troy Gentry


Check out Eddie Montgomery's boot!


Stormy Warren (GAC) interviews Eddie and Troy