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BMI Christmas Tree Lighting


Patsy Bradley, Alan Mayor and Patsy Wells

at the BMI Christmas Tree lighting party


The Hendersonville High School choir entertained the crowd at the BMI party


Director Linda Towe led the Hendersonville High School choir at BMI


(l-r) Jeff Walters, Camilla Kleindienst , Diana Kelly, Jerry Kelly,

Troy McConnell and Penny Dionne


Hank Adam Locklin (CMA) joined Mary Loving and Del Bryan (BMI) at the party


Mary Loving and her daughter, Haley Gregory,

were joined by David Preston for a picture


Harry Chapman and Charlie Monk were on hand for the BMI tree lighting


(l-r) David Preston (BMI), Chris Keating, Billy Block, Jody Williams

and Jason LeVasseur


The lobby at BMI was packed for the party


Hugh Prestwood and Cliff Cody at BMI


Ramonda Haralson, Margaret Vann, Antionette McGregor, all with BMI


Tisha Simeral and Brian Ashley Jones


Harry Warner and Melissa Ellen


(l-r) Beth Mason, Chris VanBelkom, B. Young and Drew Davis


Jody Williams spoke the crowd...


...followed by Del Bryant (President of BMI)


Martha Moore (so much Moore Media) and Carlton Moody of Burrito Deluxe


Joy Styles met hit writer Cliff Cody at BMI


The Christmas tree at BMI