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Something To Be Proud Of #1 Party At BMI


Jeffrey Steele and Chris Wallin celebrate their #1 success

with Something To Be Proud Of at a BMI party


BMI's David Preston emcee'd the #1 party


Larry Holden of Country Weekly Magazine presented

an award to the songwriters


Jeffrey Steele, Eddie Montgomery, Troy Gentry and Chris Wallin


Jeffrey Steele addressed the packed room while the others look on


Jeffrey Steele thanked his co-writer and others who worked on the project


Steve Marklin of Windswept Pacific Publishing thanked the writers

and artists for bringing in a #1 song


Eddie Montgomery thanked Jeff and Chris for writing

Something To Be Proud Of


Eddie Montgomery (with David Preston behind him) book-ended

by two cigar-chewing buddies


Jeffrey Steele and Robin Rhodes of Media Base at the #1 party


(l-r) C.J. Joyce, Eddie Montgomery and Darrin Logan


(l-r) C.J. Joyce, Eddie Montgomery, Chris Emerson and Darrin Logan


Todd Milsap with Troy Gentry


Bradley Collins and Harry Warner of BMI with Penny Dionne

from Blue Water Music


Marla Sitten of RadioActive Promotions, Jeffrey Steele

and Holly Hefner of Wilson Music Group


Hit songwriter Rivers Rutherford and BMI's Mark Mason


Troy Gentry and Holly Hefner


Jeffrey Steele with his wife, Stephanie and children,

daughter Justine and Son Alex


(l-r) Casey Timmer, Doak Turner and Hannah Beach


Stacy Donahue, Chad Mitchell, Sara Montgomery and Casey Timmer enjoyed the BMI hospitality at the #1 party