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Rachel Kice and Mandy Lawson: One Night Standing


Another of Mandy's work


Mandy's husband and Muzik Mafia member Shannon Lawson

chatted with Deanna Kay


Muzik Mafia member Two Foot Fred clowned around

with Jeff Grammer


Max Abrams and Leslie Kalish were among the people

taking in the "One Night Standing" art show


Hit songwriter and musician Duane Hitchings was on hand

for the "One Night Standing"


One of Mandy Lawson's painted guitar's


Rachel Kice's work took center stage - literally - at the Cannery Ballroom


Charlie Daniels Jr. and Lisa Manning (103FM) enjoyed themselves

checking out the beautiful art work


This Mandy Lawson piece caught the eye of Dan's wife, Sue,

who purchased the painting.


More Mandy Lawson work


A Rachel Kice painting


Mandy Lawson...


...and Rachel Kice


Lucas Hoge and Laura Lynn took in the artwork


Rachel Kice's "Muzik Mafia" paintings...


...were the showcase of the evening...


...on center stage


(l-r) Zeke Hunter, Chris Hunter and Jake Owen were definitely enjoying themselves at the art show


John Rich (Big & Rich) chatted with one of the artists, Mandy Lawson


Hit songwriter Jim Femino with Robin Ruddy and Larry Sheridan

of Parlor Studios and Best Built Songs


Jim Femino enjoyed a moment with an old friend, Corinne Chapman


(l-r) Marcie Shote, Branch McConnell, Rachel Kice and Carla Gaeninckz


(l-r) Mack Baggett, Rachel Kice and Carla Gaeninckx


The artists, Rachel Kice, on stage with her work...


...and taking a moment to pose with her brush


Jim Woodworth and Corey Gierman (Muzik Mafia) were both at the showing


Another of Mandy's guitars


Kevin and Heather Singer enjoyed the "One Night Standing" show


John Rich took a moment to pose with Virginia Davis and Jennifer Cain...


...before gathering a whole group together, which included (l-r)

Amy Otto, James Otto, Rachel Kice, Virginia Davis, John Rich,

Jennifer Cain, Liz Baggett and Mack Baggett