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Marla Sitten's Christmas Party 2005


Marla Sitten, RadioActive Promotions, hosted a Christmas party at Dan McGuiness Pub in Nashville. 

Here, Anthony Smith and the party's host, Marla Sitten, shared a smile for the camera


Trent Tomlinson and Caron Kelton enjoyed Marla's Christmas Party


(l-r) Wayne Mills, David Gulliver and Johnny Phillips


(l-r) Melissa Tomlinson, Mark Burelson and Chris Suscha


Marc-Alan Barnette and Tina Swanson were on hand for Marla's party


Writer/publisher Barry Barnes and Karen Paparelli


(l-r) Songwriter Wendy Jans, Patricia Smith of Next Number One Music,

and Daniel Bolton


(l-r) Songwriters Lorna Flowers, Bill Dee and Betty Ladas


(l-r) Songwriters Mary Hartman and Travis Cox with newly-signed

Arista artist Amber Dawn of Gypsy


Mark Huhta and Charlene Lawrence (of Randy Travis Music) were at Dan McGuiness for Mar's Sitten's Christmas party


(l-r) Amber Dawn, Andre Jolie and LilyMae (Amber's sister and bandmate)


Andre Jolie, Marla Sitten and artist Chris Emerson


Friends Charlene Lawrence and Marla Sitten shared a smile for the camera


(l-r) Sarrina Bianne, Eddie Kidd and Trine Mitchell


Carlton Moody and Greg Archilla had fun at Marla's party


Dave Tibbetts (drummer for GL Willliams) and his wife, Kaylene


Melody Guy was one of the many performers

who took the stage at Marla's Christmas party


(l-r) Ash Underwood, party host Marla Sitten,

Anthony Smith and Elizabeth Berry (NSAI)


Jessi Rae and Brian Hedges shared the evening together,

enjoying the music and food at Dan McGuiness


Amanda Williams and Jack Hayford


Marc-Alan Barnette took the stage during Marla's party and sang several upbeat songs, including his hit Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level


Amber Dawn and Jane Rogovin (Jane-Gang Publishing)


Eric Heatherly and Marla Sitten (Eric was one of Marla's first artist clients

for her publicity company, RadioActive Promotions)


Patricia Smith, Chris Emerson and Carmen Goodman

had a good time at Marla's party