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Kid Pan Alley Writing Session At Winstead Elementary School


Guitarist and songwriter Paul Reisler, one of the founders of Kid Pan Alley, works with Lori Lewis' 3rd grade class at Winstead Elementary School

in Franklin, TN

Kathy Huffy, singer and songwriter, helped Paul with organizing

the kids' suggestions for things to include in the song

The children's attention was enraptured by Paul his ability

to get them to help write the song.

Another student listens to Paul describe how songwriting works

Paul took questions and suggestions on topics for the song...

...then Paul and Kathy organized the kids' lyric suggestions and ideas

Paul worked with the kids to teach them the art of songwriting

The session lasted from 9:30am to 11:00am, and Paul managed

to keep the 3rd graders' attention the entire time.

As each part of the song was completed, Paul and Kathy performed

the pieces as they came together.

Kathy, herself a gifted songwriter, gave pointers throughout the afternoon

Paul played a portion of the song as Mallory Yerger,

the Winstead music teacher, looked on

After the song was completed, the group recorded it.

Still recording....

All the student participants posed with Kathy, Paul

and their music teacher, Mallory.

After the song was recorded, they group listened to it.

Paul Reisler