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Bell Witch Movie Premiere At The Ryman


At the Bell Witch movie premiere held on 9/24 at the Ryman, Betsy Palmer - the voice of the Bell Witch, arrived in a driverless carriage


Betsy Palmer, voice of the Bell Witch, arriving at the premiere


Betsy posed with the movie's executive producers,

Steven M. and Doris Ogle Marr


Betsy also took time to pose with several members of

the Bell Family who attended the movie's premiere


Hope Banks, who played Betsy Bell in the movie,

arrives for the premiere


"John Bell" was portrayed by John David Hart,

here introducing Betsy Palmer to his wife, Cherokee,

and daughter, Cheyenne

Betsy, the original "scream queen" who portrayed Jason's mother in the

Friday The 13th Movie, signs a hockey mask for an adoring fan...


...before wrapping her hands around his neck in a

comical strangulation


Beveraly Gwinn Jones, who played Kate Batts,

walked the red carpet with her daughter, Ariell

Emily Brobst was the visible Bell Witch in the movie,

and brought an ethereal eerieness to the part


Donna Pearson, "Lucy Bell" in the movie, arrives with

her husband, Rodney


Kirk Fleta and his girlfriend arrive for the Premiere


Before the movie, a concert of bands who are on the soundtrack took place.  Here, Jeanette Williams and her band took the stage


Tennessee native Valerie Smith wowed the crowd

with her performance


Jimbo Whaley performed songs from the movie


Phil Campbell was the emcee of the evening


The Jeff and Vida Band from New Orleans took the stage

and sang songs from the soundtrack they recorded


Betsy Palmer chatted on stage with Phil Campbell


"Marshal" Andy Smalls led the final song,

Will The Circle Be Unbroken


All the musicians who performed on the Bell Witch;The Movie soundtrack and some cast members took the stage to singe Will The Circle Be Unbroken