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Brooks & Dunn Pack Their Trucks For Hurricane Relief


Two truck loads of relief supplies were purchased

by Brooks and Dunn to be taken to New Orleans


Their tour trucks took a break from the "Duece's Wild" tour

to haul the relief goods


The B&D tour trucks


They loaded mounds of items to take to hurricane victims


Sharon Kaaa, Walmart Receiving Manager,

loads goods on the trucks with her forklift


Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn greet the press...


...and talk about their decision to lead the effort

in Hurricane Relief donations


Greg Travis, Exec. Producer for Country Music Across America (GAC), interviews the guys


Kix signed a guitar top being donated to

the Music4TN Kids charity foundation


Ronnie signed the guitar top that will be auctioned off to raise money for Music4TN Kids


Brooks and Dunn talk to Nicole from CMT outside by their trucks


Kix Brooks


Ronnie Dunn


Gerrie Livingston, Sam's Club Manager,

shows the guys around the store


Kix and Ronnie check out various items

to send to New Orleans


Gerrie and the guys, discussing items to be purchased


Ronnie, Kix and Gerrie


Kix checks out toys and other gifts for children


Ronnie takes a moment to chat with a Sam's Club shopper...


and the guys pose with Sharon and Gerrie...


...before taking off to escort the trucks to New Orleans.