Annalise Emerick – Field Notes

by Chuck Dauphin

Annalise-Emerick-FieldNot a lot of artists that we profile on Music News Nashville actually are from here. That makes Annalise Emerick a little unique. But, seriously, all you have to do is take one listen to this woman and her talent, and you will come away with a deep appreciation for all that she brings to the table as an artist – whether she’s from Plano, TX or Savanna, IL, she’s just plain good.

But – as a music reviewer, I am pained with a dilemma that comes up from time to time. Where do you put her musically? (After all, we must live in a world with 8 by 8 boxes so we can out musicians and their craft into. That’s journalistic license, after all!) Well, to be honest, she’s very diverse. On a cut like the mystically nostalgic “Sidewalk Chalk,” Emerick goes for the emotional jugular – and scores in a big way. Then, there’s a cut like “Home,” which has an earthy, Americana feel to it, but also showcases a little bit of what sounds like a Patty Loveless or Judds influence. It’s a dramatic story song about a relationship that once was- and you can tell she has lived every single word.

All over this album, Emerick fills it with unforgettable melodies and lyrics – as she does on “Patti Smith,” a song about wishing she could be like her many influences. It shows just how compelling of a songwriter she is. In other’s hands, it might not work so well – but with her talent, it’s money in the bank.

I guess to sum it up best, Emerick is best called a storyteller, whether it’s the love story of “Boston” or the gorgeous imagery of “Somewhere In Between.” Suffice to say, there’s not anything on here that she doesn’t do exceedingly well. I still don’t know where to put this album musically…..but I have a feeling she isn’t worried about that, so neither should I!




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