A Rockabye Baby Gift Keeps On Giving

rockabye-baby-gifts-2012Cheer is infectious during the holidays and kids become abuzz with anticipation. New parents sometimes struggle to get their precious little ones to go to bed, especially when there are presents to wrap or stockings to stuff. This holiday season, make Mom’s and Dad’s dreams of restful sleepcome true. Give them the tranquil tones of Rockabye Baby lullabies so they can rock out while the kids zonk out.

Rockabye Baby is the world’s number-one creator of “lullabied” pop and rock hits. In six years, the company has amassed a discography of nearly 50 tributes to artists like Metallica, Journey, The Beatles and Madonna. On each, the series demonstrates an unfailingly faithful approach that puts kids to sleep and gives parents a way to listen to their favorite jams at bedtime. The best part is that each and every song is still instantly recognizable in lullaby form.

The CDs, which come in adorably illustrated slipcases with fun and nutritious recipes inside, make great stocking stuffers. The abundance of titles makes it easy to design gift bundles tailored to any recipient’s taste.

All Rockabye Baby releases are available for purchase at iTunes and Amazon. To hear samples, visit Rockabye Baby’s highly interactive website and blog (www.rockabyebabymusic.com). You might also enjoy dozens of ridiculously cute animated videos based on Rockabye Baby’s lullaby renditions at www.youtube.com/rockabyebabymusic1. Follow them on Facebook (facebook.com/rockabyebaby), Twitter (twitter.com/rockabyebaby), Tumblr (rockabyebabymusic.tumblr.com) and Pinterest (pinterest.com/rockabyebaby).



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